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May 21

YES Approves of Comrex LiveShot

Video codec makes possible reliable simulcasts for sports network By Jack Kestenbaum Director of Technical Operations YES Network The YES Network is a regional sports network owned by 21st Century Fox and the New York Yankees. We cover New York Yankees baseball, Brooklyn Nets basketball and Major League Soccer’s New York City FC, along with […]

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May 15

Opal FAQ: Que necesitas saber de antemano sobre como configurar el Opal de Comrex

Importante: Para configuración completa y operación consultar el manual disponible aquí. P: Estoy escuchando que el Opal de Comrex esta generando muchas noticias. ¿Qué es? R: Nosotros llamamos OPAL a un Portal de Audio sobre la Web. Te permite generar llamadas de invitados en la Web. Y los hace sonar como si estuvieran en el […]

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May 10

Aplicaciones de celulares – vs – Codec físicos

En un nivel básico, codec físicos y aplicaciones de celulares hacen lo mismo. Los dos transmiten audio de alta calidad sobre redes IP (públicas o privadas, como wi-fi, 3G o 4G). Ellos codifican y decodifican, y a veces usan los mismo algoritmos para hacerlo (como AAC, Opus y G. 722). Sin embargo, aunque los dos […]

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May 07

FieldTap es ahora la mejor aplicación de códec

Luego de finalizada la NAB 2018, Comrex introdujo cuatro nuevos productos.  Uno de ellos es una nueva aplicación. Por años hemos recomendado la aplicación Linphone, es buena y gratis, pero muchas veces escuchamos que es muy compleja para instalar y configurar.  ¡Así que introducimos FieldTap! Internamente FieldTap es Linphone pero a sido optimizada para ser […]

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May 04

Robocalls keep coming

A couple of years ago we started seeing an increasing number of incoming “ghost” calls on our codecs.This only affected users who opened the SIP functionality on their devices to be compatible with SIP-based calling apps and WebRTC bridging. We cut some firmware to address this, by implementing a “blacklist” of common attributes of these calls. […]

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May 02

FieldTap is now the best codec app

NAB 2018 is over and Comrex introduced four new products! One of them is a new codec app. We’ve been pointing folks to Linphone for years, and it’s great and free, but we often hear it’s too complex for non-techies to set up and use. Enter FieldTap! Under the hood, FieldTap is Linphone. Go open source software! But it’s […]

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Apr 18

Missed us at NAB 2018? Here’s what we showed.

Another NAB in the books, and wow – this was a good one. We met so many new people, plus we got to reconnect with old friends. Not to mention, we introduced 4 (that’s right, count ‘em, FOUR) brand new products. Need a recap? Here’s what was new from us this year: EarShot IFB Comrex […]

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Apr 04

Fleet Commander Makes You The Captain Of Your Codecs

If you’re managing more than one codec, it can be complicated to juggle a bunch of individual control windows. Three years ago, we introduced Fleet Commander, an application that lets you see all of your codecs all in one place. Even if you’re dealing with different Comrex codecs at the same time – you can […]

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Mar 21

Here’s What’s New From Comrex For NAB 2018

We’re bringing a ton of new stuff to NAB 2018, and we can’t wait to share it with you. This year, we’ll be at Booth C2330, delving further into audio over IP (AoIP) technology. Here’s what we’ll be showcasing. EarShot IFB As we all know, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines are becoming more and […]

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Mar 14

What’s EarShot IFB? Here’s everything you need to know.

One of our sales reps tells a story about visiting a television station in Chicago. When he walked into the studio, he saw banks of telephone couplers, all plugged in to POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. These were being used for IFB – teams in the field would call in using their cellphones, they’d […]

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