Debuting at NAB this month is the VH2, an audio telephone “hybrid” for VoIP. Hybrid is in quotes because it’s not doing the traditional phone line cancellation (not required in the VoIP world), but functionally it acts like a traditional studio telephone interface. It’s pictured with its companion VoIP phone, and like a traditional hybrid you can bounce calls between the devices, making outgoing or taking incoming calls on the handset and moving them to the hybrid with a single button push.


VH2 with companion PolyCom phone

VH2 with companion PolyCom phone


Some other interesting stuff:

  • Dual Channel
  • Caller AGC and peak limiting
  • Conference or independent modes
  • G.711/G.722 support
  • Remote control by web or contact closure
  • Dual “Hold” audio inputs
  • Balanced pro level XLR I/O
  • AES3 I/O
  • Integration with most IP PBXs

As deep background, we cut our teeth on VoIP with the STAC-VIP talk show system a few years back. Having rung that out (and gained a lot of expert knowledge), it made sense to cost-and-feature reduce the idea down to a simpler two-channel version without the fancy control surface.

And when we designed the BRIC-Link II codec last year, we did it in a way that would allow the hardware to support other projects. So the dual rack adapter and other accessories are the same. VH2 is a blend of several other products inside and out. Demos should be available soon.

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