Device Manager

Configure, update and manage your BRIC codecs

Comrex Device Manager is an invaluable tool for managing your Comrex IP-capable equipment. Whether you own a Comrex ACCESS or BRIC-Link IP codec or a STAC (Studio Telephone Access Center), Device Manager provides a simple and elegant interface for updating, configuring and managing your Comrex devices.

Comrex ACCESS Portable, ACCESS Rack, and BRIC-Link IP codecs can be quickly and easily configured using Device Manager. This application does not require any a complicated installation. Simply download the file and put it on your Windows PC’s desktop. The application’s "Scan for Devices" feature will find any device that is on the same physical IP network as your PC. Then, you can configure the device as a static or dynamic IP address, update the device’s firmware, enable license features and copy and save configuration information. If you own an STAC Telephone Talk Show system version 3.0 or higher, Device Manager allows for easy IP configuration for provisioning STAC IP screening and control, Line Clustering and firmware updates. Consult your STAC manual or Tech Support for more details.

Comrex Device Manager is a free application that’s easy to download and easy to use. Download it today!

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7

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