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Live wireless low-latency video and audio over IP

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Switchboard TS

Switchboard Traversal Server is the answer to your network issues. It uses our Switchboard servers to negotiate codec connections and traverse NATs and firewalls.



App for LiveShot!

LiveShot is made even more powerful with LiveShot Control, a free app available now for download on both the iOS and Android platforms.


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Comrex LiveShot™ delivers live video and audio over a range of IP networks. LiveShot is used by TV stations and networks to deliver high quality, low latency video from anywhere Internet access is available, ideal for ENG. LiveShot leverages the success of Comrex ACCESS audio IP codecs and uses the same technology to smooth out the "bumps" on the public Internet to allow broadcast-quality live video and audio streaming. LiveShot is especially optimized to perform well on challenging IP networks like 3G, 4G and satellite-based links.


LiveShot encodes and decodes video to the H.264 codec standard, which is the state-of-the art codec for high quality video using low network bandwidth. But not all H.264 encoders are alike. Within the standard, several lesser-quality profiles are available to conserve processing power. For optimal video quality, LiveShot encodes with H.264 HIGH profile. Several other options within the H.264 standard, many of which are not implemented by competing products due to complexity, are default in LiveShot. All H.264 options that maximize quality over poor networks and decrease latency are implemented.


Comrex has years of experience encoding live, low latency audio over IP networks for broadcast, and LiveShot shows it. In addition to standard AAC audio coding, LiveShot utilizes HE-AAC and AAC-ELD audio coding, both reducing network bandwidth and lowering delay.


LiveShot can encode and decode an audio/video stream with less than 200mS delay. Delay may be higher based on encoding mode and network factors. LiveShot uses an automatic decoder buffer manager to keep delay to an absolute minimum. This technology was perfected over years of experience with the BRIC series of audio codecs.


LiveShot delivers full-duplex video and stereo audio between the field portable and studio rackmount systems. In addition, a full-duplex cue channel is available between the systems.

On the portable, the return audio/video channel is delivered via output connectors, or streamed to a mobile device via the built-in Wi-Fi access point. The cue channel is accessible on the portable via wired headset.


LiveShot utilizes CrossLock VPN™ to create a stable and secure connection across the public Internet and adds intrusion protection, encryption and forward error correction. CrossLock VPN connects through the LiveShot Switchboard TS to allow LiveShot units to “see” each other. A green CrossLock light on the LiveShot means the units are connected to the CrossLock VPN and the units can start sending full-duplex audio and video with the touch of a button. Use of standard LiveShot Switchboard TS functions are free of charge.

LiveShot can also be controlled locally via a web page delivered from its internal Wi-Fi access point. This Wi-Fi connection is independent from any media channel, and serves a web page optimized for mobile browsers.


LiveShot Portable is designed to be compact and lightweight. The unit is supplied with Anton Bauer-style Gold Mounts to sandwich between a professional video camera and a battery. The system can be powered from the battery or from an external AC power supply. Power consumption is 8 watts. Weight is 5 pounds.


LiveShot offers connection to wireless modems via two USB ports. These ports can be used simultaneously to increase the bandwidth of wireless connections. LiveShot USB connections are made via a pair of flexible 8-inch gooseneck-style adapters, which serve to elevate wireless modems above the body of the unit and above the cameraman's head. The adapters are bendable to provide for proper physical spacing between wireless modems and to survive hitting doorways and other obstructions.

LiveShot is supplied with a high-gain Wi-Fi USB adapter and can support a wide range of 3G and 4G USB cellular data modems. Via the built-in Ethernet port, connections can be made to Inmarsat BGAN and VSAT terminals as well as wired broadband IP data networks.

Store and Forward

LiveShot Portable can store audio and video on its integral SD card slot. Once that video is recorded, files can be managed and uploaded to the studio via either user interface. (NOTE: Feature not yet available)

LiveShot also maintains a fixed-length storage buffer of the ongoing stream on the SD card. On demand, this buffer can be captured and forwarded to an FTP server in the studio for better-than-live quality.

LiveShot Portable LiveShot LiveShot

A/V Connections

LiveShot Portable

  • Video Input: HD-SDI (BNC), Composite (BNC), HDMI
  • Video Output: Composite, HD-SDI Loop Through
  • Audio Input: HD-SDI embedded stereo (BNC), Stereo Analog (XLR-5F)
  • Audio Output: Stereo RCA
  • Audio Cue Channel: 4 position 3.5mm jack for wired headset or Bluetooth

LiveShot Rackmount

  • Video Input: HD-SDI (BNC), Composite (BNC)
  • Video Output: HD-SDI (BNC), Composite (BNC), HDMI
  • Audio Input: Stereo Analog (XLR-3F), Stereo AES (XLR-3F), HD-SDI embedded stereo (BNC)
  • Audio Output: Stereo Analog (XLR-3M), Stereo AES (XLR-3M), HD-SDI embedded stereo (BNC)
  • Audio Cue Channel: XLR-3F in, XLR-3M out
LiveShot Portable Profiles
LiveShot Rackmount Rear Panel

Comrex Connect Modems!

Professional grade modem for broadcast applications.

Cellular wireless data connections like 3G and 4G LTE have redefined the way remote broadcasts are done. In particular, USB cellular modems make connecting to these networks fast and simple. But the number of USB cellular data devices offered by cell phone providers is dramatically decreasing in favor of cellular Wi-Fi Hotspots. Additionally, many of the off-the-shelf modems offered by carriers are not designed to meet the rigorous demands of the 24/7 news cycle.

With this in mind, Comrex has developed LiveShot Connect and ACCESS Connect – Pro-grade, high performance cellular data modems. To ensure that Comrex customers experience the highest degree of broadcast reliable data transmission, each device comes in a ruggedized, industrial case with a carrier-certified, high gain antenna (2.1 dBi) and sturdy, customized mounting hardware for either the LiveShot Portable IP Video codec or the ACCESS 2USB Portable IP Audio codec. LiveShot Connect includes custom mounting hardware that easily connects into the LiveShot Portable’s 4-pin female XLR connector. LiveShot Connect will fit into LiveShot Rain cover sleeves for extra security and protection from the elements.

Download the Spec Sheet

Comrex Connect Modems

LiveShot Hub now available!

When your wireless coverage may not be ideal...

While the LiveShot Video IP Codec is designed to operate well when connected to the Internet via one or two 4G modems, a 4G network is not always available. When faced with a challenging 3G-only environment, the new LiveShot Hub will provide connections for up to four USB devices. This provides additional 3G bandwidth and, because of LiveShot's advanced dynamic bonding capabilities, the Hub also provides modem redundancy - as the camera moves, LiveShot will constantly adjust the amount of contribution from each modem.

Additional connection options...

Beyond 4G and 3G cellular connections, LiveShot can utilize many other types of networks. For instance, typical 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz Wi-Fi networks can be accessed via USB devices while 5.8GHz wireless radio networks, new mobile MIMO networks and satellite up-links are available via LiveShot’s RJ-45 port for the harshest environments. Of course, you can also use a wired LAN connection when available.

Contact us for the latest in mobile connection developments.

LiveShot Hub

Now Featuring LiveShot Portable Rain Cover!

The Comrex LiveShot Rain Cover by Porta Brace is a “must have” to protect your LiveShot portable when out in the elements. The weather resistant cover features Velcro fasteners which easily attach to existing Porta Brace camera body armor for complete protection of your camera, LiveShot and battery. An elastic drawstring keeps the LiveShot Rain Cover secure to the camera body while clear vinyl windows allow for complete visibility of LiveShot controls and indicators.
The LiveShot Rain Cover includes modem covers for both the LiveShot USB Hub and Dual USB Mast configurations. The modem covers have clear vinyl windows to provide visual access to modem status lights and displays and provide additional security for attached USB devices.

LiveShot Portable Rain Cover
LiveShot Portable Rain Cover

LiveShot Portable Pouch!

Designed for Comrex by Porta Brace to keep your LiveShot Portable secure while on the move. Velcroed cover protects attached Gold Mount style battery. Comes with padded shoulder strap and adjustable waist belt. Great for use with cameras that don’t use AB or V-mount batteries.

LiveShot Portable Pouch
LiveShot Portable Pouch

V-Mount Adapter kits available through Comrex!

For use with V-Mount cameras and batteries

V-mount Adapter Kit