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VoIP telephone talkshow system

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STAC VIP Overview

VoIP (Voice over IP) technology has taken the telephone industry by storm due to its flexibility and low costs. It’s time for radio broadcasters to reap the benefits of this change. STAC VIP smoothly integrates legacy POTS lines with VoIP technology to deliver a new way to manage telephone calls for talk shows, interviews and contests. STAC VIP can take traditional POTS calls, but breaks new ground by handling calls from "HD Voice"-capable telephones and Smartphones apps. Complete with the STAC IP Call Screening and Control Interface, the STAC VIP Caller Management system will even integrate with your VoIP PBX system. STAC VIP leads the charge in migrating old-fashioned on-air telephones to dramatically clearer wideband audio quality – just another reason to put Comrex on the line.



STAC VIP Control Surface

STAC VIP utilizes the familiar STAC Control Surface which provides clear indication of phone line and caller status. Super bright colored LEDs and an ergonomically friendly button layout give a concise overview and control of all callers at a glance. STAC CS integrates unique features like "Busy All Lines" and control of the "Auto Attendant" feature, which answers calls and plays out a custom message before parking calls on hold. STAC CS connects to the mainframe via IP, so it can be located anywhere IP connectivity is possible – even off-site.


At the core of STAC VIP is a sophisticated engine that can process various types of incoming calls. For years, VoIP telephony has provided consumers with low cost, high quality communications and now STAC VIP can deliver those same benefits to broadcasters. STAC VIP can process up to 6 incoming VoIP calls on a single DSL line utilizing telephone grade G.729 audio compression (12 lines if using the STAC12 VIP). By employing a single DSL versus multiple POTS or ISDN phone lines, huge cost savings are easily realized.


While many STAC VIP users might consider going entirely VoIP, some customers still rely on traditional POTS and ISDN phone lines. STAC VIP can easily accommodate these by use of VoIP Gateway devices which are commercially available from several manufacturers. This allows for existing POTS/PSTN, ISDN and T1/E1 telephone lines to be converted to a SIP compatible VoIP trunk for connection to the STAC VIP Mainframe.


Numerous broadcast facilities depend on IP-based PBX systems to deliver telephone calls throughout their offices. However, routing a call from the front office switchboard to the on-air studio has been difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. STAC VIP simplifies the process by allowing for easy extension sharing and integration with SIP-based PBX systems.


Wideband "HD Voice"

The VoIP industry has been actively promoting "HD Voice." This wideband voice standard requires that calls are processed with quality better than the narrowband 3 kHz frequency response that has been a staple of the telco industry for over 100 years. Many new VoIP telephones offer high quality audio codecs such as G.722 and Speex which allows them to be branded "HD Voice-capable." STAC VIP provides the ability to accept incoming wideband voice calls from these new VoIP telephones as well as wideband voice capable Smartphones and soft codecs. Now your callers can sound like in-studio guests!



VoIP calls utilize a protocol known as SIP to establish a connection between two callers. SIP also negotiates which audio codec will be used for the call. So, when a call is placed to STAC VIP from a VoIP telephone, soft codec or even a Smart phone using Comrex’s ARC for AndroidTM app, STAC VIP will negotiate to find the highest quality codec supported by the caller’s phone. The result is crystal clear, high quality caller audio for you and your listening audience.

Call Screening and Control

STAC IP is an integrated Call Screening and Control interface that runs natively on STAC VIP. By simply using a web browser, the password protected graphical user interface provides basic call screening functionality such as caller name, location and notes. STAC IP even provides caller ID information when available! Used in conjunction with the STAC VIP Control Surface Hands Free mode, a call screener can utilize STAC IP to answer and screen callers and even text chat with a host in a different studio.

STAC VIP Mainframe

The STAC VIP Mainframe is the central point where all outside calls meet with the STAC VIP’s control, management and audio interface functions. Audio connections include AES audio in and out along with Line 1 and Line 2 in and out on XLR. Two independent Hold Audio inputs are provided, allowing STAC VIP to be shared between studios. Two Ethernet ports provide for WAN connections to all telephone line sources and LAN connections for local STAC VIP Control Surfaces and local interface control. Up to four Control Surfaces can be supported per mainframe.