Access_4_coming_soon_blog_pic_bigACCESS 4.0 is coming this summer for ACCESS and BRIC-Link.

4.0 is all about reliability. It adds CrossLock mode, which allows for a range of new reliability functions, while continuing to support the legacy modes of the thousands of Comrex codecs in the field are using already.

CrossLock allows users to utilize multiple networks, like a pair of USB modems, or two Ethernet ports. The CrossLock layer has bonding capability, adding together the capability of multiple networks to support higher bandwidth. Alternately, users will have the option of configuring multiple networks for redundancy mode, rather than bonding – this is a better choice for reliability on higher bandwidth links. Whenever multiple networks are utilized, CrossLock can employ powerful forward error correction, in addition to an enhanced version of the resend-based error correction already available in previous firmware. These tools provide a “killer combo”, creating a bullet-proof IP link, even on poor networks.

Some gritty details – ACCESS 4.0 is only compatible with ACCESS 2USB portable units, but not the original ACCESS portable hardware with PC card slots.  It’s compatible with all ACCESS Racks and the new BRIC-Link II, as well as the original BRIC-Link (although multiple networks can not be attached to original BRIC-Link, it can be used to receive multiple streams from the field).

ACCESS 4.0 is coming soon – keep an eye out and stay subscribed!