When’s the last time you watched or listened to public broadcasting? If you’re an average American, the answer is likely to be “recently”. According to Arbitron, NPR has more than 27 million listeners per week across over 900 public radio stations. Over 198 million people watch PBS every year – that’s 82% of US households. Small public stations are a source of vital information for communities across the country, and form a fundamental part of the American media landscape.

October 20th is BRIC’s Community Media Day. Today, we salute citizen journalists, and the broadcasters who go out of their way to amplify local voices. Public media provides a unique platform for free speech and regionalized programming that would be non-existent otherwise. Thank you for the beautiful work you do!

Community media is great! I want to support it – what can I do?

  • Visit your local public access station – Many public access stations host open houses and information sessions that you can freely attend. Even if there are no formal events scheduled, someone at the station may still be willing to give you a brief tour if you call and ask!
  • Get educated – Public access stations often organize classes and events for the community. Learn what your station offers and take advantage!
  • Donate – If you have the resources to do so, public access stations can always use donations. Check your local station’s website or call them for more details.
  • Volunteer – Public access stations are often short-staffed. Call your station and learn more about what they need.

Here at Comrex, we help broadcasters share their message by manufacturing quality equipment that is easy-to-use and performs reliably for hours on end. Have a great message, but still figuring out how to share it? Let’s talk. Email us at info@comrex.com, or give us a call at +1 (978) 784-1776.