DEVENS, MA, Feb. 17th, 2016 – Comrex, a long‐ time innovator in IP broadcasting technology, has
announced that will be releasing CrossLock for ACCESS (soon to be available for BRIC‐Link II). This
brand new upgrade will enable users to utilize multiple networks at once for improved broadcast

CrossLock, a new feature included with ACCESS firmware 4.0, provides an added capability for
bonding, which will allow multiple networks to be utilized at once. In addition to network bonding,
the user can configure multiple networks for redundancy mode, a better choice for reliability on
higher bandwidth links. Additionally, forward error correction (FEC) and other ACCESS reliability
tools are included with the firmware.

With the portable user interface and a wide variety of audio encoders that set the standard for
innovative remote broadcasting equipment, ACCESS 4.0 enables higher quality, lower latency, and
improved stability from even more locations.

To learn more about ACCESS and BRIC‐Link, please contact a Comrex sales representative at To purchase ACCESS or BRIC‐ Link, please contact a Comrex dealer.

About Comrex

Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. Since
then, Comrex has consistently developed the most innovative technology to address the specific
needs of broadcasters, and create products that enable broadcasters to produce live, local,
imaginative remote programming. Comrex strives to provide a simple answer to a universal
broadcast need ‐ the transportation of high‐ quality media to the studio from virtually anywhere,
economically, at a moment’s notice. As methods of audio and video transportation evolve, Comrex
works to develop technology that will allow broadcasters to easily achieve creative and entertaining
programming, from diverse and unique locations.