Upgraded STAC VIP firmware includes new utilities, split studio

DEVENS, MA, Apr. 3, 2015 – STAC VIP 2.0, a brand new version of Comrex’s VoIP based call management system, will be introduced at NAB. STAC VIP 2.0 contains several notable new features, including split studio and other new utilities.

An ideal solution for users looking to utilize their call management system in multiple places, split studio enables users to run two independent studios at once from the same mainframe. Configuration options are highly customizable to suit varying use cases. With a simple, modular set-up, users will be able to modify their existing STAC VIP systems to make use of split studio (as long as they have a minimum of two separate control surfaces).

Along with split studio, STAC VIP 2.0 will has new call transfer functions. If the STAC VIP mainframe is downstream from a PBX, it now has the functionality to transfer calls back to the PBX. In this way, several mainframes attached to the same PBX can transfer calls between them.

To learn more about STAC VIP 2.0, please contact a Comrex sales representative at info@comrex.com. To purchase STAC VIP 2.0, please contact a Comrex dealer.

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