NAB 2018 is over and Comrex introduced four new products! One of them is a new codec app.

We’ve been pointing folks to Linphone for years, and it’s great and free, but we often hear it’s too complex for non-techies to set up and use.

Enter FieldTap!

Under the hood, FieldTap is Linphone. Go open source software! But it’s been optimized for using with codecs the following ways:

  • Broadcast-y interface with mic level meter
  • Stand-alone contact list (no need to share with phone’s main contacts)
  • No SIP registration required (and no annoying notices when not registered)
  • Accepts IP addresses, SIP URIs, and (when registered) phone numbers
  • Simplified codec selection (Opus, G.722, G.711)
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Works with Comrex ACCESS products including Portable, 2USB, NX, Rack, NX Rack, MultiRack
  • Works with Comrex BRIC-Link products including ClassicII
  • Works with Comrex VoIP-based products including STAC VIPVH2, EarShot IFB
  • FREE

FieldTap is a breeze to use and sounds great.

Search “FieldTap” in the Google Play / App stores and download it today!

Learn more about FieldTap!

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