We love college radio.

College stations are where the next generation of radio professionals experiment and grow. For many people, it’s where their passion for the medium is ignited.

College radio is also a place where students can be truly creative – because they’re not for profit, there’s no limit on what kind of programming students can make. When we design our equipment, we’re always thinking about how our technology can help broadcasters and other professionals create programming that seems impossible. College radio is fertile ground for the kind of exciting work that we love.

That’s why we’re a sponsor of College Radio Day! Today, on Friday, October 4th, we’re celebrating the college stations that use our equipment to learn, experiment, and make really cool stuff.

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Saving a last minute remoteNeumann University use Comrex FieldTap

Students at Neumann University found themselves in trouble one day, when they realized they hadn’t plugged in the battery for their ACCESS codec and it ran out of power in the middle of a remote. Fortunately, they were able to switch to FieldTap, and didn’t miss a beat.

“Explaining FieldTap to my students was really easy,” said Sean McDonald, director of Neumann Media. “I just took my phone out and said “Do you see this app? Hit connect.” And that was it.”

Read the story here.

Connecting overseasUniversity of Texas Arlington broadcast to BBC 4 over Comrex ACCESS

UTA Radio, an online station that serves the University of Texas at Arlington, received a request to coordinate a live interview between a UTA faculty member and the BBC 4 program “Thinking Allowed”. Although they had never broadcast overseas before, they were able to use ACCESS to get connected, and the interview went off without a hitch.

Read the story here.

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