DEVENS, MA, May 31st, 2018FieldTap, a new phone application for remote broadcasting debuted by Comrex at NAB 2018, is now available for iOS. FieldTap uses the Opus audio encoder to deliver studio quality audio right from a cell phone with very low delay. FieldTap will be available for Android in another week.

Ideal for reporters and street team contributors for short drop-ins, FieldTap features a very simple user interface. With a one-button control screen, users of any technical ability can connect from the field to the station by simply pressing a single button. FieldTap is a simple SIP client that uses Voice over IP (VoIP) to make it possible for field users to send wideband audio from their cellphones over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

FieldTap is compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs. FieldTap can also be used in conjunction with EarShot IFB. A new VoIP IFB system that replaces POTS lines and auto couplers, EarShot IFB was also debuted at NAB 2018 and is expected to be available for purchase later this summer. EarShot IFB is perfect for live ENG applications – it provides 4 audio feeds, and can support up to 10 wideband calls (or 30 regular calls). With FieldTap, EarShot IFB callers can receive high-quality audio, instead of standard cellphone audio.

FieldTap is a free application. To download FieldTap, visit the App Store or click here.

About Comrex

Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. Since then, Comrex has consistently developed the most innovative technology to address the specific needs of broadcasters, and create products that enable broadcasters to produce live, local, imaginative remote programming. Comrex strives to provide a simple answer to a universal broadcast need ­‐ the transportation of high-­quality media to the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment’s notice. As methods of audio and video transportation evolve, Comrex works to develop technology that will allow broadcasters to easily achieve creative and entertaining programming, from diverse and unique locations.

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