Comrex products like ACCESS, BRIC-Link, and STAC-VIP each serve a rich web page that functions as their main user interface. For a variety of reasons (that were perfectly sound at the time) these pages were designed with the Adobe Flash tool.

But Flash has gotten a (not entirely undeserved) reputation in recent years. Its constant need for updating the client to patch security exploits makes IT people nervous, and the browsers that support it are in the process of trying to actively minimize its use by throwing up warnings, and requiring it be manually enabled.

Flash is so embedded in the web that it’s not going anywhere soon, but it’s time to consider alternatives for driving Comrex products. For ACCESS and BRIC-Link, we’re providing a free Windows and Mac app called Codec Commander.

Codec Commander is based on the premium Fleet Commander app we introduced last year. It has all the same features, and is compatible with the new 4.0 firmware we been shipping with our codec hardware for the past year. So it will provide all the same utility as the web interface, including the really useful Crosslock stats and delay setting bar.

Codec Commander is available in beta form by contacting our support team at, and should be available universally on our website within weeks.

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