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Sep 18

Comrex Tech Talks – All About Audio Codecs

Many of our customers ask us what codecs we offer. When we say “codec”, we’re referring to a piece of hardware, but encoding algorithms are called codecs too! Chris Crump and Grace Thomas run through how to choose an audio encoder, and adjust settings to match the needs of your broadcast. Learn more about audio […]

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Jul 10

Tech Talks: How to set up your Comrex

So you’ve got your brand new Comrex codec. But how do you actually use it? In this video, Chris Crump and Grace Thomas give a tour of our codecs and walk you through the interfaces, and how to get started with your new equipment. Have a question or want more information? Contact us.

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May 21

Tom’s Tech Blog: Three Cheers for Headsets!

Mobile phones are great for live audio broadcasting in some applications (our philosophy has always been there’s plenty of call for both consumer and pro-grade solutions in our field, just choose wisely). And the Comrex Opal provides a pretty amazing way to make remote guests sound great when they call you mobile phones. But there’s […]

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Mar 07

Codec Answer Guy: NAB 2019 Preview

What’s shakin’ at NAB 2019? Codec Answer Guy is here to tell you. We’ve got new products (EarShot IFB, ACCESS MultiRack, and ACCESS NX Rack), a new feature for STL reliability (HotSwap), info on our new HTML5 GUI for ACCESS and BRIC-Link codecs, and details on Opal Cloud. We’ve got even more answers in the […]

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Mar 06

Tom’s Tech Blog: Sangoma VoIP phones can connect to our codecs with Opus

Lots of Comrex customers connect to our codecs with smartphones with our free FieldTap app. But it’s also possible to connect with standard, wired VoIP telephones. I found a really inexpensive new phone that supports the excellent Opus encoder and got it talking to our codecs pretty quickly.  Read the full tech note for more […]

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Aug 07

Tom’s Tech Blog: Introduction to Opal Cloud

By Tom Hartnett Technical Director, Comrex Granted, I may be biased, but I believe Comrex Opal is akin to magic. If you haven’t experienced this magic yet, let me fill you in on what it does: Studio installs Opal on their Internet link. Someone in the studio retrieves a link from the server inside Opal […]

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Jul 27

Tom’s Tech Blog: Back Up Dedicated Audio Links with HotSwap

We’re cutting a new version of firmware for ACCESS and BRIC-Link II codecs that adds a long-sought-for reliability feature. We call it HotSwap, and it allows you to back up your STL or other dedicated links with a wireless modem. It’s an enhancement to our CrossLock reliability layer. Normal CrossLock operation allows the codecs to […]

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May 07

FieldTap es ahora la mejor aplicación de códec

Luego de finalizada la NAB 2018, Comrex introdujo cuatro nuevos productos.  Uno de ellos es una nueva aplicación. Por años hemos recomendado la aplicación Linphone, es buena y gratis, pero muchas veces escuchamos que es muy compleja para instalar y configurar.  ¡Así que introducimos FieldTap! Internamente FieldTap es Linphone pero a sido optimizada para ser […]

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May 04

Robocalls keep coming

A couple of years ago we started seeing an increasing number of incoming “ghost” calls on our codecs.This only affected users who opened the SIP functionality on their devices to be compatible with SIP-based calling apps and WebRTC bridging. We cut some firmware to address this, by implementing a “blacklist” of common attributes of these calls. […]

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May 02

FieldTap is now the best codec app

NAB 2018 is over and Comrex introduced four new products! One of them is a new codec app. We’ve been pointing folks to Linphone for years, and it’s great and free, but we often hear it’s too complex for non-techies to set up and use. Enter FieldTap! Under the hood, FieldTap is Linphone. Go open source software! But it’s […]

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