venting_on_the_XLRI love XLRs.
I hate XLRs.

They are universal, robust, and easy to repair. They have obvious gender to indicate direction. They are the only respectable way to provide a pro-grade, balanced audio I/O. They also carry digital audio.

They are also huge. In an age where portable gear is shrinking, it’s crazy to dedicate a one inch diameter circular port to a mono audio feed. And requiring a pair for stereo? don’t get me started.

Even in studio gear, the demand for back-panel space has grown. Besides the power socket, we need to now provide video monitor, USB, serial and contact closures. Can you imagine what a piece of gear would look like if each of the signals on these connectors took up the space of an XLR?

Why hasn’t the broadcast/pro audio industry moved to something with a more reasonable size?