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With the Mix-Minus Bridge (MMB), you can easily create up to six dedicated mix-minus feeds with each remote source having its own dedicated, full-time feed. No configuration is necessary before airing single or multiple remote sources. The MMB simply requires that you configure an audition or auxiliary bus on your console with a single mix-minus but it will remain permanently configured. There is also an interruptible fold back input (IFB) for sending producer cues to the field.

Additionally, the MMB can be expanded to 12, 18 or more channels by stacking units interconnected by CAT5 cables.


  • MMB’s can be stacked for 12, 18 or more feeds.
  • Separate level controls are provided for each input to the bridge.
  • IFB (interruptible fold-back) allows cues to be sent to individuals or the whole group.
  • IFB can be set for “ducking” or complete muting of the program audio.


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