The Comrex Switchboard Traversal Server will be down for an hour on Wednesday, July 17th for scheduled maintenance. Target time is 10:00AM EDT (UTC-2:00PM). Please contact our tech support team for any assistance.

Technological Innovation

At Comrex, we believe in reliability. We believe that broadcasters should be able to focus on their programming instead of their equipment. Our goal is to build equipment that is easy to use and that provides bulletproof performance every single time.

To accomplish this, we stay on the forefront of technology. We began working with AoIP over a decade ago, before it became a buzzword in broadcasting, and we’re always searching for the next new thing.

Employee Owned & American Made

We’re proud to be employee owned, and always have been. All Comrex products are manufactured in the USA with locally sourced materials. Our supply chain is lean to ensure that you’re paying as little as possible for high quality products. We hire locally, and prioritize veterans and applicants from non-traditional backgrounds in our hiring process.

Customer Service

We maintain a high level of integrity in all our customer interactions. We promise that if you call us for support, you will speak directly with someone who knows about your equipment and will do everything possible to help you.

Read: A Promise from Comrex Technical Support

High Quality Products

During a live broadcast, there’s no room for error. That’s why, even under the most grueling circumstances, our equipment is designed to just work, plain and simple. We design our gear to last for years and years, instead of becoming obsolete. (Some of our 20+ year old products are still being used in the field by our customers, because they still work!)

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