Backup Network Designation


Reliability when it matters most

Even though most 4G networks are marketed as unlimited, there are often charges for using too much data. Redundancy links, which run two networks simultaneously, can be expensive to run 24/7. 

HotSwap is an enhancement to our CrossLock VPN Technology. It allows you to designate one network as a “backup” that will only be engaged when the primary fails. The system will warn of this status with a contact closure, and automatically fallback to the primary once it’s restored. 

Backup STLs, dedicated links, and other mission-critical codec connections with this free feature that now ships included with all new purchases of ACCESS and BRIC-Link. Older IP audio codec models can take advantage of HotSwap by updating to firmware 4.3 or higher. 

For the ACCESS line, any supported network or modem can be a backup.

BRIC-Link (models II/III)* may utilize a secondary network connection via a USB-to-Ethernet adapter or a Comrex Connect Modem (as a backup network only). Other USB devices are not supported.

Contact our team with any questions.

*BRIC-Link Classic does NOT support HotSwap locally, due to hardware limitations; however, it can still establish connections with a codec on the far end that is utilizing HotSwap.


  • Designate a network as a “backup”
  • Automatic fall-back to the primary network once it’s restored
  • Saves money by only utilizing the second network when needed
  • Included in the purchase of all new Comrex IP audio codecs (ACCESS and BRIC-Link)
  • Free for older IP audio codecs – update unit to firmware 4.3 or higher to use HotSwap

Stay connected when it matters

HotSwap allows you to designate a network connection as a back-up. If your primary network fails, your codec will automatically engage the back-up network. Fall-over is immediate and seamless, so your listeners won’t be able to tell that anything has happened.

In radio, there are no do-overs. With HotSwap, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll stay online even if something goes wrong.

Back up only when you need it

Unlike a redundant stream, where data is sent on two networks simultaneously, HotSwap only engages your secondary network if your primary network fails. That means less data used, and major savings.

Available for legacy Comrex IP audio codecs

As an enhancement to our CrossLock VPN Technology, HotSwap now ships with all new purchases of ACCESS and BRIC-Link as standard.

Some older Comrex IP audio codecs can update to firmware v4.3 and higher to take advantage of HotSwap. Visit the Support page to access most current firmware. Comrex tech support is available during business hours to assist.

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