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Feb 09

Tech Talks: Rodecaster Pro

In this video, Chris Crump of Comrex explains how to use the BRIC-Link II IP audio codec with the Rodecaster Pro.

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Nov 13

Tech Talks: Multistreaming

Watch this video to learn about multistreaming with Comrex IP audio codecs.

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Oct 24

Tech Talks: HotSwap

Watch this video to learn about HotSwap, a reliability feature of Comrex audio codecs that allows you to designate a backup network.

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Sep 18

Tech Talks: All About Audio Codecs

What’s a codec? In this video, Chris Crump with Comrex explains what we mean by “codec” and how it can be confusing.

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Aug 27


Watch this video to see how WTOP, the country’s leading news station, incorporates ACCESS (and BRIC-Link) audio codecs into their workflow.

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Aug 27

Tech Talks: ACCESS NX

Watch this video to learn the differences between ACCESS NX and ACCESS 2USB Portable and ACCESS Portable Classic.

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Jul 29

Tech Talks: Codec Commander vs. Fleet Commander

Watch this video to learn about two codec management tools by Comrex, Codec Commander and Fleet Commander.

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Jul 10

Tech Talks: How to Set up Your Comrex

Chris Crump, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, walks you through setting up your Comrex gear in this video.

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Jun 19

Tech Talks: Cellular Networks

Watch this video to learn about the most effective options for using cell networks in broadcast and how to get the most out of your connections.

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Jun 05

Tech Talks: CrossLock

Watch this video to learn about CrossLock, the ultra reliable technology powering Comrex IP codecs for multi-network bonding or redundancy.

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