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Feb 27

Midwest Sports Relies on a Stable of Comrex IP Audio Codecs

Jake Robinson details how he is able to reduce logistics costs and provide more connectivity to the networks his company works with by employing a fleet of Comrex codecs, including MultiRack.

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Nov 28

Messina Connects Hosts of All Experience Levels

Real Side Productions deploys Comrex tools like Opal and the ACCESS NX portable codec for high-quality audio from guests with any background.

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Aug 30

They Get Stations on the Air from Anywhere with ACCESS NX

Radio FM relies on ACCESS NX for everything from promotional remotes to live sports coverage.

“The biggest thing for me with the ACCESS is it just works… You plug it in, and you hit connect, and you’re there. I can’t imagine trying to do a remote without one.”

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Aug 30

LiveShot Provides a Sports “Guaranty”

Guaranty Media uses LiveShot video IP codecs to produce nine hours of visual radio content from their studio daily.

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Mar 04

ACCESS NX Changes the Game for WSCO

For courtside coverage of the Wisconsin Herd, WSCO uses the ACCESS NX Portable IP audio codec for live play-by-play. BJ DeGroot of WSCO says, “If you’re looking to take your station to the next level, it’s the way to go.”

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Feb 08

‘Sports4CLE’ Breaks Sports News with LiveShot

Mike Bacon describes how LiveShot – a live video solution from Comrex – helps his team go live from anywhere and break stories as they happen.

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Dec 07

Opal Makes Full-Duplex Audio Magic

The podcast team over at “Great Night” gets in-sync with low-delay interaction and audio delivery through the use of the Comrex Opal IP audio gateway.

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Oct 08

KPBS Stays Flexible With Comrex Codecs

Leon Messenie describes how KPBS uses Comrex LiveShot video codecs and BRIC-Link audio codecs to deliver news to TV, radio and digital.

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Aug 16

Versatility of ACCESS Keeps Walmart Radio Flexible

Walmart Radio serves all its locations with live in-store radio, and they make it happen with ACCESS NX and MultiRack IP audio codecs.

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May 19

K-Wave Broadens Audience with Video

KWVE(FM) expands their audience base by incorporating a visual component to their radio program through the use of LiveShot by Comrex.

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