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Feb 20

2024 Election Coverage Checklist

Going live presents lots of challenges, especially with higher stakes events like national elections – here are some best practices.

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Jan 25

Gagl for World Radio Day

Get a 30-day Gagl account and connect to stations that have ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP codecs with just a smartphone or computer plus a headset.

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Nov 28

5 Reasons Why PEG Stations Love LiveShot

LiveShot is the preferred IP video codec for live broadcasting of public, educational, and government access television stations. Here’s why!

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Oct 20

Community Media Day 2023

October 20th is Community Media Day. A cause near and dear to us here at Comrex, CMD is an annual event that promotes free speech and accessible media for all.

Learn more about CMD in this post.

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Oct 12

Opal for Podcasting: Guest Interviews & Remote Hosts

Learn why podcast studios are turning to Comrex Opal, a live IP audio gateway, to conduct guest interviews and connect hosts remotely.

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Sep 20

Application Focus: Comrex for Football

Whether you’re doing a drop-in from draft day, running your show from a hotel room, or providing coverage from the sidelines – choose Comrex.

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Aug 21

Why Gagl is the Perfect Tool for Election Season

Learn how Gagl, an audio service by Comrex for ACCESS and BRIC-Link users for remote contribution, can be used for election coverage.

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Mar 27

ACCESS NX: When You Need (or Just Want) to Stay Home

Keep your show on the air whether the weather, traffic, or the world in general is conspiring against you. ACCESS NX is the flexible solution every broadcaster needs.

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Mar 17

ACCESS NX Rack, MultiRack, and AES67 Compatibility

Our newest ACCESS IP audio codecs are designed to integrate into any AoIP studio. Learn more and find documentation for interfacing with major systems here.

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Mar 16

Codecs That Knock It Out of the Park

Exceptional baseball coverage starts with Comrex portable IP codecs like ACCESS for audio and LiveShot for video.

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