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Jul 23

5 Reasons To Choose ACCESS MultiRack

While some people only need one IP audio codec, larger organizations generally need many. Some need to manage dozens (or even hundreds) of codecs at once! For those power users who have to run many concurrent audio connections, we designed ACCESS MultiRack. 

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Jun 22

CrossLock Technology: The “Secret Sauce” Powering Our Codecs

Comrex IP audio codecs are considered the most reliable in broadcast, and CrossLock is the reason why. What makes our technology so special?

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May 25

What is a Comrex?

We make a lot of different products, but most people just refer to our gear as “the Comrex”. So we thought we’d answer: What is a Comrex?

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May 19

Application Focus: College Sports Coverage

Comrex products are a regular fixture in the college sports world. Check out some Comrex users who make college sports coverage special.

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Mar 26

Goodbye to the TCB-1A

The TCB-1A, designed by Comrex founder John Cheney, revolutionized analog broadcasting. After 35 years, it’s finally being retired.

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Feb 13

World Radio Day: 110 Years of Radio in 2021

This World Radio Day, we’re joining UNESCO in celebrating the 110 year history of radio, and the way it’s remained part of our lives.

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Dec 09

What the Flash?!

The end of an era is upon us. As of January 1st, 2021 – Adobe has stopped supporting Flash Player. So what does this mean for Comrex users?

Read the blog post to learn more about Flash end-of-life and the workarounds/replacements for various Comrex products.

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Oct 02

College Radio Day 2020 with KJHK

Comrex is proud to be a sponsor of the 10th annual World College Radio Day! This year, we’re spotlighting a school station that exemplifies the creativity and freedom that makes college radio so special.

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Sep 02

The Next Best Thing 2020 Media Tour: What Broadcasters Are Saying

The #NextBestThing is the tradeshow that comes to you! Hear what broadcasters are saying about the media tour.

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Jun 17

Application Focus: Faith & Worship

Religious broadcasters put their faith in Comrex for their live audio and video needs. See how they use our IP codecs and more to worship!

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