Product Overview

BRIC-Link III is a work-horse codec, ready to handle everything from a studio-transmitter link to a home studio connection.

Featuring our proprietary CrossLock VPN technology, BRIC-Link is designed for ultra-reliable IP transmission of high-quality, low-delay audio. Perfect for point-to-point connections, streaming, and more, our entry-level IP audio codec offers versatility in a small package.

Now with a new, more powerful processor for improved performance and enhanced front panel for easy contact closure firing and auto-connects.

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BRIC-Link III (BL3) is now available for purchase.
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  • Small, compact half-rack chassis
  • CrossLock VPN for ultra-reliable transmission with low delay over even marginal IP networks
  • Ideal for studio-transmitter links (STLs) and other 24/7/365 mission-critical applications
  • AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2, Opus, Linear PCM, FLAC, G.722, and G.711 encoding algorithms
  • Low delay: less than 25 mS in linear modes & less than 30 mS in FLAC
  • Compatible with all Comrex ACCESS & BRIC-Link models
  • EBU 3326/SIP mode for third-party compatibility
  • Multiple operation modes – BRIC Normal (UDP), HTTP (Streaming Server, Icecast/SHOUTcast), TCP, multi-streaming, RTP, IP multicast
  • HTML5 user interface for configuration & control
  • Enhanced front-panel for contact closure firing & configurable for auto-connections to other Comrex IP audio codecs
  • Free firmware updates
  • Top-notch technical support (English & Spanish)
  • 100% designed & built in the USA at our facility in Devens, Mass.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatible with Gagl – a new audio service that turns your codec into a hub for up to five guests (optional subscription)
  • Switchboard for easy connections between Comrex IP audio codecs (optional add-on)
  • Fleet Commander for controlling your Comrex IP audio codec fleet (optional add-on)
  • HotSwap mode to set up a secondary backup cellular network (requires a Connect Modem)

Mission-critical reliability

BRIC-Link III can be used for a wide range of applications. From STLs, to home studios, to voice-over, BRIC-Link III provides a reliable connection to make sure your audio is delivered in high quality. 

Set it and forget it

BRIC-Link codecs are known in the industry as “the little black box that works”. BRIC-Link III’s HTML-5 based user interface makes it easy to configure your codec, manage connections, and adjust settings from a browser.

Plus, with the option of Switchboard, you can connect with the click of a button and bypass common IP networking snags like firewalls and private LANs.

Simple, yet versatile

BRIC-Link III is perfect for point-to-point connections, and it’s a rock-solid way to get audio from site A to site B. It also works as a streaming server. It can be configured to deliver up to 40 streams over a dedicated Internet connection to computer/smartphone-based media players that support HE-AAC. 

BL3 can act as a source feed for both Shoutcast and Icecast servers, so you can expand your radio presence to the Internet without the need for a dedicated PC.

Support when you need it

We’re proud to offer free technical support for all of our products. Our techies are knowledgeable and dedicated, and you can be sure that when you call, you’ll speak to someone who knows your codec inside and out. And we’ll continue to support your product for the duration of its life – even once we stop making it.


NEW! Gagl

Gagl is a cloud-based remote contribution service that allows up to five users to send and receive audio from their smartphones or laptops. That audio is Gagl’d (if more than one user) and delivered to a Comrex IP codec (like BRIC-Link III). 

Gagl is a great way to get guests on the air from anywhere, easily.

More on Gagl

Gagl is now available! Sign up directly on our website by visiting the Gagl web page.

Gagl subscriptions are $35.00 USD per month (or save $70.00 on a Gagl annual subscription with a code from a Comrex audio dealer or from us directly).

Free 14-day trial available with all new subscriptions.


Switchboard is a feature that allows users to bypass common IP networking snags (like private LANs and firewalls) by routing data through a private server maintained by Comrex, making connections between your IP codecs even easier.

More on Switchboard

Switchboard is available for BRIC-Link codecs through the one-time purchase of a license key per codec. Contact a Comrex audio dealer to purchase. Switchboard is able to be pre-installed on your new BRIC-Link III by Comrex when it drop ships from our facility in Massachusetts or purchased at a later date (license emailed for self-install).

Fleet Commander

Fleet Commander is a Windows-based application for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs simultaneously. Rather than logging into each codec individually and juggling a desktop full of tabs, Fleet Commander puts you in control of your codec fleet through one unified interface.

This easy-to-use tool contains all of the functionality of the web-based interface plus a few extra features like active metering and the ability to copy peers and profiles between codecs, making it a MUST-have for busy broadcast engineers.

More on Fleet Commander

Fleet Commander is available as a one-time purchase of a license key per computer. Contact a Comrex audio dealer to purchase a Fleet Commander license today.

Connect Modems

The Comrex Connect Modem is designed to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters. A high-powered, industrial strength 4G/LTE modem outfitted with a high-gain antenna, the Connect Modem is more powerful than most USB data modems available on the market, to handle the heavy data load of IP broadcast.

Note: The Connect Modem can ONLY be utilized as a backup network (i.e. cannot be the primary) when used in BRIC-Link III’s HotSwap mode.

More on Connect Modems

Contact a Comrex audio dealer to purchase a Connect Modem and be sure to specify which variety: US (for use with Verizon or AT&T networks), International (for use outside the United States) or CJ (for use in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil). No Connect Modem mounting hardware needed for use with BRIC-Link III.

BRIC-Link III Rack Kit

Mount a single BRIC-Link III or two units side-by-side in your 19″ rack.

Kit includes: Rack shelf, customized front panel, and mounting screws.

Contact a Comrex audio dealer to purchase.


Audio Specifications:

  • Balanced stereo XLR line-level audio input/output (0dBu)
  • AES3 XLR digital audio I/O (through L XLR I/O when switched)
  • Front panel 3.5 mm headphone jack output
  • Balanced audio I/O level: 0 dBu
  • Full scale is 20 dB above nominal
  • L& R tri color LEDs display audio level

Power and Physical:

  • Power (4 pin connector for Comrex-approved 15V 1A supply)
  • Size (8.5” W x 6.25” D x 1.75” H; 21.59 cm x 15.88 cm x 4.45 cm)
  • Weight (2.16 lbs; 0.98 kg)

Other Specifications:

  • Ethernet port (1000baseT)
  • Contact closures (9-pin mini DIN)*
  • Serial RS-232 (8-pin mini DIN)*
  • USB port**
  • Card slot (for future use)

* Contact closure cable and serial cable sold separately. 

**Can be used to attach a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for using dual networks via CrossLock or to a Comrex Connect Modem for limited 4G cellular connectivity via HotSwap.


Interlochen Public Radio Innovates with BRIC-Link
“Our BRIC-Link provides such great sound quality that it really does sound like the person being interviewed is in the same room as the host.”

Live from Alaska: BRIC-Links for Clean Audio
“When a system works correctly, its use is actually underwhelming – that was the great thing about BRIC-Links, they just worked.”

High Quality Voice-overs Without the Price Tag
“Studios and talents appreciate the BRIC-Link. They like the stability of the connection, the high audio quality, and the low delay.”

BRIC-Link Keeps on Working for VPR
“Once or twice a year we’ll have to disconnect one and reconnect it, but since we purchased them in 2010, not a single unit has failed. That means 24/7, every single day, for the past seven years, these units have just been working. From a broadcast engineer’s standpoint, you can’t get much better than that.”

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