Gagl is a cloud service offered by Comrex. It allows up to five users to send and receive audio from computers and smartphones. That audio is “Gagl’d” together (if more than one user), and delivered to a Comrex hardware codec such as ACCESS or BRIC-Link, usually in a studio. All participants can hear each other (with their own mix-minus) and the codec “send” audio back to them.


A photo of Gagl's mobile user interface
  • High-quality Opus audio encoder
  • Low latency audio (minimal enough for call-in talk radio)
  • Up to 5 contributors per session
  • Easy enough for guests of any and all backgrounds to use
  • Selectable level of involvement for the Gagl moderator
  • Expands the functionality of Comrex IP audio codecs
  • Chrome and Edge supported (Firefox and Safari in testing)

Designed with audio in mind

Gagl makes use of the Opus audio encoder and connects with Comrex IP codecs, meaning that you’ll get the best possible sound. Error correction and dynamic buffering tools are working hard in the background to ensure reliable and pristine audio transmission. For the highest quality audio, the use of headsets is required by each remote contributor in the Gagl session.

Centralized hub for remote contributors

Gagl can connect up 5 contributors simultaneously, making it perfect for a round-robin news program or a morning zoo. Or, it can simply be a portal for a single contributor to connect to the studio – whatever you need for your production.

Easy to use for guests

Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. There’s no need to install an app. Guests use equipment they’re familiar with (like a computer or smartphone) plus a headset.*

Gagl is easy enough for any contributor to use, even if they’re not technically savvy. Plus, without the need for specialized equipment, Gagl is also an affordable solution for contributors to connect to the studio from anywhere. Guests can’t always be in the studio, and that’s never been more true than today.

*Because audio is paramount for Gagl, it requires the use of headsets by guests on computers or smartphones. This removes any distortion that can be caused by acoustic echo cancellation. Read our technote on why headsets are essential for Gagl (access the Spanish version here).

Controllable level of involvement

Gagl offers several roles from which Moderators can choose depending on the application – Participant, Silent, and Producer (coming soon). Moderators are also able to restrict capabilities for guests or give a contributor more control – you’re in charge of what each person can do.

Expand the functionality of your codec 

Gagl can turn any Comrex IP audio codec equipped with firmware 4.5p11 or higher into a hub from which an entire radio show can operate.

Older IP audio codec models like ACCESS Rack and BRIC-Link Classic along with BRIC-Link II and our newer AES67-compatible studio codecs, ACCESS NX Rack & ACCESS MultiRack, are Gagl-compatible with firmware available at no cost. Tech support is available (English & Spanish) if assistance updating is required.  

With tens of thousands of ACCESS and BRIC-Link codecs in circulation around the world, Gagl opens up new possibilities for broadcasters everywhere.

Affordable monthly (or annual) plan

Gagl is a low-cost, subscription service and you can sign-up now for a free, two-week trial at the links below. At the conclusion of the trial period, you’ll be billed $35 USD per month on your credit card, or you can save $70 USD off an annual subscription – just $350 USD with code.*

*Codes are provided by your favorite broadcast equipment supplier or you can request a coupon code from Comrex directly by clicking HERE.

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