First thing’s first: if you changed your password from the default to something unique when you installed your equipment, you have nothing to worry about!

But if you’re still using the default username and password that came with your Comrex (“comrex” or “blank”) – it’s time to change it.

We recently became aware of a website encouraging hackers to break into Comrex codecs using the default passwords that come with our equipment.

These passwords are published in our manuals, and they’re the same for every piece of gear we manufacture. We use a factory-set default password to make it easy for users to log into their codecs for the first time.

But we expect and encourage users to change the passwords as soon as they’ve finished installation. 

Are there a lot of people trying to hack into your codec? Probably not. But some are. And whether you’re a target or not, it’s always important to practice good hygiene when it comes to internet security.

And this goes for every internet connected device you use – not just your Comrex gear!

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