We’re big believers in live & local programming, which is why there’s a special place in our hearts for community media.

Mark Gonwa of Sun Prairie Media Center in studio with ACCESS

Mark Gonwa of Sun Prairie Media Center, in studio with ACCESS.

Community media is a platform for any person to participate in broadcasting. It removes the corporate barrier between audiences and programming. Community media doesn’t exist to make money or generate profits – it exists purely to serve the needs of the people. It’s not lucrative, it’s not easy, and it’s often thankless. But it’s vital, and we appreciate those who make it possible.

We’ve spent much of this month reaching out to community media organizations. We participated in Mass Access Meet & Greets, where we spoke to community media leaders about LiveShot and how we can help them. And we sponsored and attended the ACM-NE Conference, where we met with station representatives and discussed solutions specifically for community stations with limited budgets.

We also observed Community Media Day, an annual celebration of voices that bring awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media. It’s organized in partnership with Free Speech Week, a time to reflect on our right to free press and self-expression. (And it’s going on right now, from October 22nd to 28th! Learn more!)

Comrex is everywhere in community media stations:

– A public radio station that needed a stable STL

– A local public access channel that wanted to go live

– A community media group that wanted to bring their residents into their programming

If you work for a community station and you’re wondering if Comrex might have a solution for you, reach out to us. We work hard to build reliable and accessible equipment that will function for as long as you need them to. (We have customers out there who are still using codecs we released 20 years ago!)

Join us this week at the CS ACM Conference from 10/26 – 10/28! We’d love to see you there.