Debuted at NAB 2018, we’re excited to announce that EarShot IFB is shipping!

EarShot IFB is a new VoIP-based auto coupler for IFB and listen lines. Designed to help TV stations reduce costs and provide more flexibility for remote IFB feeds, EarShot IFB provides telephone-based live studio program and IFB audio to field-based remote broadcasts.

Comrex EarShot IFB front and rear panel

Up to 30 users can listen to program or IFB feeds by calling into EarShot IFB with a standard telephone. EarShot IFB has four audio inputs (or feeds). Two of the feeds can be alternately configured as IFB inputs. Callers can switch between the feeds using DTMF (Touch Tone) selection.       

For higher fidelity, the Comrex FieldTap smartphone app can be used to pull audio in studio quality. FieldTap uses the Opus audio decoder to deliver studio quality audio, and is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

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