Guaranty Media is a media company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They operate five FM radio stations (two of which are simulcast), as well as a podcast network and digital marketing services. Guaranty has deep roots in the local community, and just celebrated its 100-year anniversary of being a family-owned Louisiana company. 

The Game Day show hosts Matt Moscona & T-Bob Hebert cover a UCLA vs. LSU game.

Much of Guaranty Media’s programming is oriented toward sports coverage in Baton Rouge. Between college sports and the NFL, Baton Rouge is a big sports market.  “The market is almost insatiable,” said Beau Wegmann, Senior Engineer for Guaranty Media. “It’s like we can’t make enough.”

In 2018, Beau and his colleagues realized that there was high demand for video to accompany their slate of local programming. “With all these opportunities, why not try to grow revenue and grow market share?” said Beau. 

After renting multiple bonded IP video solutions, they decided to invest in a LiveShot system to produce live video of their radio shows. Now, they’re producing 9 hours of visual radio content from their studio each day, as well as 2 hours of content remotely on weekday evenings. Guaranty recently won the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters 2022 Prestige Award for Best Live On-Site Remote in the large market category for their coverage of the LSU vs. UCLA Rose Bowl. 

Beau became familiar with Comrex through his use of their radio products. “I grew up in radio, and I’ve been around it my whole life,” Beau said. “We use Comrex ACCESS, and our guys have been trained to use the Comrex user interface for years now.” Beau appreciated how easy it was for his staff to use LiveShot, as well as how portable it is.

Comrex technical support was another big selling point. “I tell my on-site producers to call Comrex directly, because I know they’ll be helpful,” said Beau. “And it works great, especially when they’re in the field and feeling the pressure.”

As Guaranty’s visual programming continues to grow, LiveShot is making it easier to create outside the studio. “We’ve used LiveShot to go live from outside of stadiums, and we’re going to do more,” said Beau.

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Originally published in Radio World. View here.