Real Side Productions deploys Comrex tools including Opal and ACCESS NX

Joe Messina is the host of “The Joe Messina Show” (formerly “The Real Side Radio Show”), a nationally syndicated political radio show and podcast.

As a seasoned radio and podcasting professional, Joe also shares his expertise as a producer to other broadcasters with his production company, Real Side Productions.

“We’re a Comrex house,” he says. “I produce live radio shows all day, including my own three-hour show that I do every night. I’ve often had to produce shows remotely, which is how I originally got involved with the company.”

Messina frequently has guests on his show from all over the globe. He uses Comrex Opal, a guest interview solution, to get them connected without hassle.

“I bought some Android tablets and a couple of headsets to send out to guests who are regularly on the show,” said Messina. Guests connect by opening a link in the browser of the tablet. “When they connect, they sound like they’re sitting in the studio with me.”

Real Side Productions works with creators of varying experience levels, from seasoned podcasters who are looking to syndicate their shows on the radio, to new hosts seeking coaching to perfect their craft. Messina says RSP caters to people at all stages of their careers.

“All of these hosts know what they’re talking about, but they still need to learn to use the equipment,” said Messina. “When they’re ready to buy equipment, I tell them to go with Comrex because if you call tech support, you’ll always get someone who knows the product and can help you figure out your problem.”

When COVID hit in 2020, Real Side Productions needed to shift its clients to a remote setup. “I created a little to-go pack, which contained a portable ACCESS NX unit, and sent it to hosts with greater levels of technical experience.”

For greener hosts, Messina sent Android tablets to connect with the Opal. “I was skeptical of Opal at first; it sounded too good to be true, like a bubble gum ad,” said Messina. “But once I got it set up and working, it’s been flawless.”

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Originally published in Radio World. View here.