DEVENS, MA, Aug. 22nd, 2016 — Comrex has released the VH2 two-line Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) hybrid. Debuted this year at NAB, the VH2 is now shipping, and is available for purchase from Comrex dealers.

“This is a product our customers have been requesting for years, and we’re excited to finally release it,” said Tom Hartnett, Technical Director for Comrex. “As traditional phone lines are phased out and major markets switch to VoIP systems, stations need hybrids that are compatible with the new technology.”

A dual-line hybrid, VH2 easily interfaces two VoIP lines to studio audio gear for individual broadcast or flawless conferencing. VH2 prevents echo and distortion, and automatically adjusts caller audio to a uniform level to produce a clean and clear result. VH2 uses VoIP phone lines, which saves money for users and increases functionality. VH2 is compatible with many VoIP PBX systems. Additionally, when the PolyCom IP331, the VH2 companion phone, is configured as a VH2 extension, it’s easy to transfer calls between the hybrids and the handset with a single button push.

For more information about the VH2, click here. To locate a Comrex dealer for purchasing information, click here.

Combo-Straight_smallerAbout Comrex

Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. Since then, Comrex has consistently developed the most innovative technology to address the specific needs of broadcasters, and create products that enable broadcasters to produce live, local, imaginative remote programming. Comrex strives to provide a simple answer to a universal broadcast need ­‐ the transmission of high-­quality media to the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment’s notice. Comrex works to develop technology that will allow broadcasters to easily achieve creative and entertaining programming, from diverse and unique locations.