Copper is out, VoIP is in

Cover of Comrex eBook on VoIPIt’s no secret – ISDN and POTS lines are quickly becoming relics of the past. In many places, it’s almost impossible to find a traditional hook-up. What’s taking their place?

Voice Over IP (VoIP) lines – IP-based, easy to use and maintain, and significantly less expensive, it has a lot of advantages.

But configuring VoIP equipment has a lot more in common with IT networking than setting up an ISDN line. It’s overwhelming to learn how to wrangle brand new IP equipment. And these days, when most engineers are overwhelmed with managing multiple stations, who has the time to do all that research?

This is why we wrote this primer. At Comrex, we eat, sleep, and breathe the latest developments in IP technology. We’ve done the research, and we want to pass our hard-won knowledge on to our customers.

This primer contains a general overview of VoIP technology. We cover how VoIP works, general principles, and some networking concepts – all the basics you need to understand your equipment. It’s a jumping-off point for busy engineers who need a compact document with lots of information.

To download the VoIP primer for free, click here.

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