College Radio Day 2018 is tomorrow! This day acknowledges and celebrates the unique medium of college radio.

UTA Radio using ACCESS 2USB for a radio interview

UTA Radio ( completes their first ever overseas interview with ACCESS 2USB.

Why is college radio so important? College radio is where a passion for radio is ignited. Thousands of future broadcasters learn the ropes by working in college stations, and get excited to build careers in media.

Plus, college radio fosters community by sharing campus information and creating a platform for local, independent music that would never be played anywhere else. Because they’re freed from the need to be profitable, college radio stations can take risks and be truly creative with their programming.

We’re proud to be a sponsor for this event, and to raise awareness about what college radio can do.

Want to get involved?

College radio stations rely on Comrex to make their broadcasts possible. For example, University of Texas at Austin used ACCESS to conduct their first overseas broadcast! Read their story.

We’ll be at CBI NSEMC from October 25th – 28th! We’re looking forward to meeting students and college radio professionals, and we’re excited to answer any questions. Learn more and register here.

Is your college radio station using Comrex? We want to hear about it. Contact us.