LiveShot Control

IP video codec management tool


LiveShot Control allows LiveShot users to Scan and Connect via W-Fi directly to a LiveShot Portable’s Wi-Fi access point to control, monitor, configure and adjust the unit in the field. It makes the process very easy by scanning for available LiveShot units, turning on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection and logging into the LiveShot Portable. With LiveShot Control, you can view transmission stats, quickly change profiles and manage network settings.

If your smartphone is connected to the public Internet, you can even use LiveShot Control to login to remote units that have a public Internet address. Using Direct via IP Address, LiveShot Control allows you to access and control your LiveShot Studio rackmount unit from anywhere you have a public Internet connection.

If you have multiple LiveShot units, LiveShot Control becomes the perfect “fleet management” tool when combined with the Comrex SwitchBoard server. SwitchBoard allows you to create a group of LiveShot codecs that only you and your authorized users can see. By selecting the Via SwitchBoard option on LiveShot Control, you’ll be able to see all of your LiveShot codecs that are connected to the public Internet, select the one you want to manage and take control of all of the functionality of that unit no matter where you are on the planet.


  • Manage LiveShot Portable from a smartphone
  • Single unit or multiple unit management tool for LiveShot
  • View transmission stats, change profiles, and manage network settings
  • Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

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