Our History

Since our incorporation in 1961, Comrex has been making use of the latest technology to find solutions to address the special needs of broadcasters. We have a fifty-year tradition of providing a practical answer to a universal broadcast need – transmitting high-quality media into the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment’s notice.

From the introduction of the Frequency Extender to ISDN codecs in the early 1990s and POTS codecs in the mid-1990s, Comrex has been a technology leader for decades. We launched our complete line-up of digital hybrids, including our STAC call management system, in 2004, putting our customers in control of their talk shows and call-ins with excellent sound. In 2007, we introduced BRIC (Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec) technology, forging a new path into remote broadcasting over IP. Since then, we’ve refined BRIC technology as the IP landscape has developed, creating CrossLock technology and developing codecs to transmit real-time video as well as audio.

As methods of audio and video transmission evolve, Comrex strives to develop technology that makes it possible for creative and engaging programming from more unique locations.

How We Work

Comrex is entirely employee-owned – we have no outside ownership demands. We have only ourselves and our customers to answer to for the quality of our products. As such, we take pride in our reputation and hold ourselves to a rigorous standard, both with regards to our equipment design and the support we provide for our products.

We maintain a high level of integrity in all our customer interactions. We promise that if you call us for support, you will speak directly with someone who knows about your equipment and will do everything possible to help you.

Meet The Sales Team

Chris Crump

Director of Sales



Raul Hun

Latin America Sales



Frank Massa

Asia Pacific Sales



Careers at Comrex

Here’s what it’s like to work for us

It doesn’t take visitors to Comrex a long time to figure out why our company is special.

Located in Devens MA, Comrex is comprised of a small team of highly trained engineers, salespeople, and technical support staff. Every member of our team is flexible and dynamic. To work for Comrex means you’re willing to lend a hand to finish a big project for another department; it also means you have the flexibility to explore interests in an area of the company you have no prior experience with.

Comrex produces boundary pushing broadcasting equipment for radio and television professionals. We are constantly incorporating the newest technological advances into our products. With over 50 years of experience underneath us, we have the stable foundation to experiment radically with new technology, while remaining insulated from the whims of the venture capital market.

We put careful thought into choosing members for our team, and it shows in our employee retention rate. Our average length of employment is over 5 years, and some of our team members have been with us for upwards of 30 years. This is because we value the wellbeing of our employees; as an employee owned company, we offer an exceptional retirement program, and top-notch health insurance and other benefits.

We’re always looking for new talent. If you think you would be a good fit, send your cover letter, resume, and any questions to jobs@comrex.com, or scroll down to view current openings.

Sorry, there are no open positions at this time.

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