GHENT, BELGIUM, Jun. 8th, 2016 – On May 23rd, 2016, Jonathan Vanooteghem, a presenter for Urgent.FM, accomplished an unprecedented broadcasting feat – he completed a live broadcast while running the City Run of Ghent.

A presenter for Urgent.FM, a local radio station in Ghent, Vanooteghem concocted his broadcast as a final project for, a professional development course for digital storytellers. “I wanted to combine my two favorite hobbies: athletics and making radio,” said Vanooteghem. “Why shouldn’t I try to do them both at the same time?”

Vanooteghem partnered with Triple Audio to develop his technical set-up for the run. He used a Comrex ACCESS portable and mixer to connect to the studio via a 4G network – this equipment was carried in a messenger bag, strapped to his torso to keep it from bouncing as he ran. Two iPods were also loaded with music and jingles and strapped to Vanooteghem’s forearms, and then connected by XLR cable to the mixer in his bag. Vanooteghem was also equipped with a backpack, which contained a Bluetooth Box to stream sound from the studio.

And how did it go? “It really went great,” said Vanooteghem. “It was even more comfortable than I thought it would be.” He stopped regularly to interview passersby on the side of the road, who were enthusiastic and astonished when approached. Over the course of the broadcast, the connection remained mostly solid. “If it’s financially possible for Urgent.FM or REC, I want to do it again,” said Vanooteghem.

“I succeeded in something I initially considered ‘Mission Impossible’,” said Vanooteghem. “I’m probably the first person in Belgium to have done this.”

To watch videos on Vanooteghem’s broadcast, visit his YouTube Channel here.

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