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Press Kit
May 22

Tech Talks: Switchboard

Welcome to Tech Talks! In this new video series, Chris Crump and Grace Thomas explore some of our favorite product features, and how they make our equipment so unique. Switchboard is one of the best features we offer. Our customers who use it find that it makes connecting over unfamiliar networks easy and pain free, which […]

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May 09

Comrex LiveShot Is “a TV Studio in a Single Box”

Simple to use and lightweight, remotes are a breeze. By Thom Hartmann Host of “The Thom Hartmann Program”, author, broadcaster “The Thom Hartmann Program” began over 15 years ago and is ranked by Talkers Magazine as the #1 progressive talk show in America. The show is aired on commercial stations coast to coast and on […]

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Apr 26

User Report: Live from Alaska

By Andy Butler Engineer Wild Alaska Live was a three-day production that “turns the cameras on a must-see natural spectacle that plays out across the vast Alaskan wilderness, where some of the world’s most remarkable animals – bears, wolves, moose, orcas and eagles – gather by the thousands to take part in Alaska’s summer feast, […]

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Feb 25

3 Of The Most Popular Applications For IP Audio Codecs

IP audio codecs have become a staple for broadcasters over the past decade. This shift was triggered by changes to infrastructure – the sunset of ISDN and POTS made switching to IP necessary. But many users have discovered benefits to IP that they didn’t expect. IP is no longer just a necessity – it’s an […]

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Dec 12

5 Reasons Why PEG Stations Love LiveShot

LiveShot is a favorite of PEG stations, and it’s no surprise why. LiveShot is one of the most versatile and user friendly bonded cellular (more accurately, bonded IP) solutions on the market. So why are more and more PEG stations turning to Comrex for their live video solution? 1. Programmable Quick-Connect Buttons You only need […]

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Nov 15

Cut Through Networking Snags with Switchboard

Every day more and more Comrex users are registering for Switchboard. It’s one of our favorite tools, and we’re glad our customers are putting it to good use. “Wait a second,” you may be thinking. “What even is Switchboard? I’ve never heard of it! What am I missing?” Comrex Switchboard is a feature that allows […]

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Aug 16

From The Sidelines With ACCESS NX

There’s no room for error in live sports broadcasting. Sports fans follow play-by-play coverage with bated breath, hoping to hear what’s happening with their team in real time. If your equipment fails, your entire audience is let down. And there are no second chances with a live event. We made ACCESS NX to provide reliable […]

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Aug 10

BRIC-Link Leaps Over Mountains for KSUT

IP codec reliably handles STL duty for multiple transmitters By Scott D. Henning Independent Engineer IGNACIO, COLO. — KSUT(FM) is a public broadcasting organization that serves the Four Corners area in the western United States, with studios and offices on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. As an independent engineer, I recommend equipment, help with configuration and […]

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Aug 08

For Podcasts, Opal Brings Your Guests To You

Podcasters can’t always be in the same room as their guests. While most podcasters work out of home or podcast recording studios, many guests or co-hosts are often located across the country. Calling in on the phone is convenient, but doesn’t provide a high quality listening experience. Hosts and guests need to sound as though […]

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Jun 04

What is a Comrex, anyway?

We make a lot of products. Like, a lot of products. We’ve got our ACCESS line, our BRIC-Link line, LiveShot, STAC – plus, a whole lot of others. Considering how many names there are, is it any wonder that most of our customers refer to our products as “the Comrex”? But if you’ve visited our […]

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