So CAG – what’s Comrex bringing to NAB this year?

We’ve got a lot of new stuff for you! It’s the first in-person NAB in almost 3 years, and we’re very excited to show off what we’ve been working on.

Anything I’ve never seen before?

We’re offering a behind-the-curtain look at some new products we’re working on. The biggest deal is Gagl, a new cloud-based remote contribution solution.

Gagl is a cloud service offered by Comrex. It allows between one and five users to send and receive audio from computers and smartphones. That audio is conferenced (if more than one user), and delivered to a Comrex hardware codec (such as ACCESS or BRIC-Link, usually in a studio). All participants can hear other participants and the codec “sends” audio back to them.

Participants can connect and send audio by simply clicking a link using any common web browser. Gagl uses the Opus audio encoder and delivers audio directly to a Comrex codec with all the stability enhancements, pro-grade audio connections, and features that hardware codecs provide.

Sounds cool! How do I get it?

Keep an eye on our website for details, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when it drops.

Connecting through a browser sounds easy – do you have anything else that can do that?

As a matter of fact, we do! At NAB, we’ll be showcasing Opal, our IP audio gateway that enables guests to connect to the studio by simply clicking a link. It provides HD quality audio from consumer-grade equipment, like a cellphone or a computer with a USB headset. It’s easy enough to use without a technical background, and most importantly, it sounds great.

Since the shift to working from home in 2020, Opal has become popular with podcasters, talk show producers and hosts – anyone who needs to run guest interviews. You can schedule an appointment to come by our booth to see how it works. 

What else do you have for home studios?

We’ve got our ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codec lines which are perfect for those looking to broadcast from home. We’ll have BRIC-Link II, our super reliable IP audio codec, and we’ll also be offering a preview for the next codec in our BRIC-Link line. And for those who need to be on the road as well as at home, we’ll be showing ACCESS NX and ACCESS NX Rack.

That all sounds great! Is there anything else I should know about?

For users who need to run multiple codecs at once, we’ve got ACCESS MultiRack, our multi-instance IP audio codec. One unit can support up to 5 connections simultaneously, making it perfect for those who need to streamline their codec set-ups. MultiRack is AES67 compatible and is a great choice for those transitioning studios to AoIP. 

We’ve also got LiveShot, our bonded IP video solution. LiveShot was designed for going live from the field, but it’s also become popular for home studios as well as studio to studio video feeds. 

Telcos have recently started retiring their copper networks, and lots of people are looking to replace their POTS technology. For those looking for an IP solution for IFB, we’ve got EarShot IFB, which can replace up to 30 lines with a single box. And for those who need an IP hybrid, we’ve got VH2.

How do I find you at the show?

Make sure you add us to your show planner! We’ll be in Central Hall at Booth C3024. 

Still need passes? You can use our code to register for free exhibit passes until the last day of the show (April 27th, 2022). Register here with code LV6885.

Do you have specific questions, and want to speak with one of our sales reps? You can schedule an appointment here.

Please make note of the COVID Health and Safety precautions that NAB has in place for this year:

NAB Show Health & Safety

(Updated: March 29, 2022)

A negative COVID-19 test result or proof of full vaccination will be required for entry by all attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff. Masks are recommended (but not required) to be worn by all participants as designed to fully cover the mouth and nose. 

See you in Las Vegas!

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