October 20th is one of our favorite days here at Comrex. That’s because it’s Community Media Day!

Community Media Day is a celebration of free speech, and of media platforms that enable all individuals to make their voices heard. For decades, community television and radio have provided a valuable outlet for regular people who work outside of the media industry to share their views, vision, and interests with the people in their local audience. 

In partnership with Free Speech Week, Community Media Day is a day to celebrate the accessibility that’s unique to community TV and radio. Since it’s independent, community media serves as an alternative to public and commercial media. It allows people to exercise the right to freedom of speech while also helping create a larger and more diverse group of media owners.

We LOVE that our equipment is a part of so many community media organizations. For example:

We hope you’ll take the day to learn about community media organizations in your area!

Learn how Comrex can help with your community media station – contact us!