BRIC-Link III, a new IP audio codec from ComrexSince 2009, BRIC-Link codecs have become a staple in many radio stations around the world and an essential piece of many broadcasters’ toolkits. As a cost-effective, high-performance solution for transporting audio over IP networks, BRIC-Link has found a home in a wide variety of applications including studio-to-transmitter links (STLs), stadiums, and home studios.  

We are proud to be shipping our newest model, BRIC-Link III, with everything that Comrex customers know and love about the BRIC-Link line plus a few additional features.

The essentials

BRIC-Link III is a hardware IP audio codec that offers a suite of encoding algorithms including stereo & mono linear modes, FLAC modes, AAC/HE-AAC, Opus, G.722, and G.711. Low delay (ex: less than 25mS in linear modes, less than 30mS in FLAC) makes BRIC-Link III an excellent choice for any application that requires high-quality audio in real-time.

Capable of using public Internet connections, Satellite, WANs and LANs, and ISM Band IP Radios, BRIC-Link III is flexible in terms of IP connectivity. Its intuitive HTML5-based UI makes configuring the unit and connecting to other Comrex IP audio codecs simple.

The new stuff

BRIC-Link III features a new, more powerful processor that increases performance and reliability. Its redesigned hardware is equipped to handle future developments in IP technology.

BL3 also includes new front-panel indicators, including four buttons which trigger contact closures by default and are configurable for auto-connections to other Comrex IP audio codecs. 

Wide variety of applications

BRIC-Link III can accommodate a wide variety of applications and can be used in home studios for remote talent, in mission-critical applications like STLs, in stadiums for sportscasting, and in many other environments that require point-to-point, high-quality, low-latency audio. 

With additional operation modes like HTTP and IP Multicast, BRIC-Link III can also function as a streaming server, or send audio to multiple locations (depending on network bandwidth) – making it an incredibly versatile hardware codec with an entry-level price point.

CrossLock VPN Technology

Like all Comrex IP codecs, BRIC-Link III utilizes CrossLock VPN Technology, our proprietary suite of reliability tools. This means that it can use multiple IP networks at once for added faith in your broadcast. Additionally, CrossLock offers improved congestion detection, redundant transmission, forward error correction, and deadline-sensitive retransmission.


BRIC-Link III is compatible with all other Comrex IP audio codecs, including the ACCESS codec line as well as older BRIC-Link models. It includes EBU 3326/SIP for third-party codec interoperability. 

Thoughtful design, thorough support

As with all Comrex products, BRIC-Link III is 100% designed and built in the United States. Each unit is carefully assembled by our production team and goes through rigorous testing in quality control before it ships from our facility in Devens, Mass.

Each unit comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and you can register your product online.

Firmware updates are included at no cost, and our industry-leading tech support team is available during business hours in both English and Spanish.

Questions? Contact our sales team!

Based in the US and interested in a BL3 demo unit? Reach out to Comrex HQ for availability

To request a quotation or to place an order for BRIC-Link III, please reach out to your favorite authorized Comrex dealer (view full list here).

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A note on BRIC-Link II:

BRIC-Link II is no longer available for purchase and has recently been “retired”, but don’t worry if you’re a BL2 owner! We’ll continue to offer support for the entire life of your codec.

We’re proud to stand behind our products, and we service every product we make for as long as it’s in the field (or for as long as we can source parts). We continue to provide free firmware updates as needed and offer exceptional tech support for when additional assistance is required.

That’s just the Comrex way.

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