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May 04

Comrex Announces Partnership with HHB

Read the full press release from Comrex announcing a distribution partnership with HHB Communications for the United Kingdom, dated 5-4-2021.

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Mar 26

Goodbye to the TCB-1A

The TCB-1A, designed by Comrex founder John Cheney, revolutionized analog broadcasting. After 35 years, it’s finally being retired.

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Mar 02

ACCESS NX Serves Airwaves Audio

Thomas Shomper runs a small company that does live radio and TV remote production. See why ACCESS is his number one IP audio codec choice.

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Feb 09

Tech Talks: Rodecaster Pro

In this video, Chris Crump of Comrex explains how to use the BRIC-Link II IP audio codec with the Rodecaster Pro.

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Feb 08

North TV Cuts from Cable with LiveShot

LiveShot lets this community media station broadcast video from anywhere, not just where they have cable drops.

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Dec 09

What the Flash?!

The end of an era is upon us. As of January 1st, 2021 – Adobe has stopped supporting Flash Player. So what does this mean for Comrex users?

Read the blog post to learn more about Flash end-of-life and the workarounds/replacements for various Comrex products.

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Dec 01

Opal Polishes Podcast Interviews

Learfield IMG College uses Opal for acquiring audio from play-by-play host talent and producing podcast interviews.

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Nov 02

Interlochen Public Radio Innovates with BRIC-Link II

Gary Langley, chief engineer at Interlochen Public Radio, uses BRIC-Link II for high-quality audio and has been able to get rid of ISDN.

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Oct 02

College Radio Day 2020 with KJHK

Comrex is proud to be a sponsor of the 10th annual World College Radio Day! This year, we’re spotlighting a school station that exemplifies the creativity and freedom that makes college radio so special.

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Sep 02

The Next Best Thing 2020 Media Tour: What Broadcasters Are Saying

The #NextBestThing is the tradeshow that comes to you! Hear what broadcasters are saying about the media tour.

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