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This episode of Tech Talk Live! streamed on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 at 11am EDT and included:

  • Paul Cintolo with Comrex tech support recommending improvements that can be made on the LiveShot Portable for applications such as live sports or election coverage
  • Chris Crump chatting about contact closures
  • Alex Hartman with Optimized Media Group talking about MQTT
  • And a PSA on premium replacement ear pads from Dekoni Audio

Watch the full episode below.

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Supplementary info for this episode:

More info on LiveShot Portable can be found here.

Contact Comrex tech support. Our techies are available during our business hours to assist you.

Learn more about supplemental cables (contact closure and serial) here.

Optimized Media Group provides engineering, IT, consulting services, training, and custom solutions for radio, TV, & other media. You can learn more about OMG here.

Need premium replacement ear buds? Check out Dekoni Audio.

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