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Product Overview

Several Comrex products provide the ability to interface Contact Closures and Serial Data to third-party devices to enhance their functionality. On several of our products, these functions are presented to either a 9-Pin mini DIN for Contact Closures or an 8-pin mini DIN for Serial Data. These connectors are not supplied with our devices. You can source these connectors from suppliers such as Mouser or Digikey if you would like to make the connection cables yourself. As a convenience, we offer custom-made 3 foot cables that connect mini DIN to DB9. These cables can be ordered from your favorite broadcast supplier or directly from this page at the links below.

For use with:

ACCESS Portable

Our rack-mounted ACCESS codecs use cables with standard DB9 connectors for interfacing Serial Data and Contact Closures. They are not included with your purchase. These are available from any vendor that sells computer hardware or from your favorite broadcast equipment supplier.

ACCESS MultiRack, our five instance IP audio codec, includes connectors on the back to supply serial data and contact closure to the first codec instance only. Contact Closures and Serial Data for codec instances 2 through 5 are delivered via the USB bus. 

In order to deliver contact closures for codec instances 2-5, an accessory is required. You can find it here.

In order to deliver serial data connections to codec instances 2-5, you’ll need a different accessory. Find it here.

We do not sell these accessories directly. You can purchase them from retailers like Digikey, Newegg, Amazon, Mouser, and others.

These hardware items are subject to change based on availability from the third-party manufacturers.


Serial Cable


DB9F to mini-DIN 8M.

Contact Closure Cable


DB9M to mini-DIN 9M.

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