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Groundbreaking Talk Show Management System

Firmware Updates

STAC Firmware 3.3

STAC Firmware version 3.3 is available for download. This firmware is installed by the user via the Device Manager desktop application for STAC systems currently running firmware 3.0 or newer.

STAC 3.3 Changelog
If your STAC is running firmware 2.3 or older, please contact Comrex Technical Support for a replacement firmware chip – subsequent updates can then be done via the Device Manager application.

Firmware Download Contents:

  • STAC 3.2p2 firmware file [.upd]
  • Device Manager application [.exe]
  • Installation Instructions [.txt]
Download STAC Firmware 3.3



STAC6 Extra Control Surface

Includes control surface and cables.

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STAC12 Extra Control Surface

Includes standard control surface with SideCar and cables.

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STAC Breakout Kit

Converts CAT5 RJ45 to 3 x RJ11 connectors for 3 phone lines. Kit includes 2 breakout boxes for 6 phone lines and 2 x 7’ cables. For 12 lines, please order 2 kits.

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STAC6 to 12 Expansion Kit

Includes telco board and control surface SideCar with metal attaching plate.

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Panel Door


Handset Cable for Control Surface


Handset for Control Surface


Power Cord (IEC Socket)


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