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Aug 21

Why Gagl is the Perfect Tool for Election Season

Learn how Gagl, an audio service by Comrex for ACCESS and BRIC-Link users for remote contribution, can be used for election coverage.

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Mar 27

ACCESS NX: When You Need (or Just Want) to Stay Home

Keep your show on the air whether the weather, traffic, or the world in general is conspiring against you. ACCESS NX is the flexible solution every broadcaster needs.

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Mar 17

ACCESS NX Rack, MultiRack, and AES67 Compatibility

Our newest ACCESS IP audio codecs are designed to integrate into any AoIP studio. Learn more and find documentation for interfacing with major systems here.

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Mar 16

Codecs That Knock It Out of the Park

Exceptional baseball coverage starts with Comrex portable IP codecs like ACCESS for audio and LiveShot for video.

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Feb 27

Cantidad de Modems vs Administración de las Redes

Que es más importante – el número de modems que estás usando o la forma que la red es manejada. Averigüe aquí.

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Mar 10

Codecs for College Sports Coverage

Portable IP codecs like ACCESS NX for audio and LiveShot for video deliver real-time action of collegiate sports.

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Feb 24

Scoring Big with Your Listeners

To celebrate the official start of the MLS season, we’re highlighting some Comrex customers that use our IP codecs to bring the action to their audience.

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Feb 22

Modem Quantity vs. Network Management

What matters more – the number of modems you’re using or the way your networks are managed? Find out here.

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Feb 13

World Radio Day 2023 

Organized by UNESCO, Feb. 13th serves as an annual celebration of radio as a medium and the role it plays in our daily lives. Learn more about WRD in this post.

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Feb 13

ACCESS/BRIC-Link IP Audio Codec Alternate Modes of Operation

Learn about additional modes of operation for Comrex IP audio codecs including Multi-streaming, IP Multicast, HTTP, and EBU 3326/SIP.

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