Tom MacDonald owns TRM Corporation, a company that provides remote broadcasting services to a wide range of clients. “We do remotes for everybody from the New York Jets, to Sirius, to little mom-and-pop stations,” said Tom. “My gear is everything from a satellite truck to a mixer. You name it, I own it.”

TRM Corporation using Comrex ACCESS NX to cover American League Championship

TRM Corporation’s ACCESS NX at the American League Championship Series

TRM Corporation bought one of the first ACCESS NX units that was shipped. “We always need the latest technology, and I was very happy to get it. There are a lot of features we’ve been hoping for. ACCESS NX has a ¼” jack for a headset, which makes remotes much easier. Plus, microphone attenuation works with a wider range of headsets. These seem like small changes,” said Tom, “but they make a big difference.”

“Plus, the agility to have two mics without adding a mixer is fantastic,” said Tom.

TRM Corporation was contracted by Sirius XM to handle a remote from Yankee Stadium during the American League Championship Series. “We were handling pre- and post-game talk for Sirius XM’s MLB Network Radio,” said Tom. “I knew ACCESS NX would impress my client – and it did.”

TRM Corporation using Comrex ACCESS NX to cover Veteran's Day parade

TRM Corporation’s ACCESS NX at a Veteran’s Day Parade, broadcasting from the back of a Cadillac.

Tom also used ACCESS NX to handle a remote with the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. “I’d never been able to get a solid signal out of that room before,” said Tom, “but with ACCESS NX, I did a 90-minute interview with an AT&T air card, and it sounded great.”

“I own 8 or 9 ACCESS 2USB portables to handle radio row events, because they’re just easy – I can set them up and hand them to one of my guys, and they can run it with no help,” said Tom. “But now, all of my employees want to use the ACCESS NX. Everybody wants to see it – it turns heads.”

“The GUI is smooth to work with, and it’s instantly familiar. And the little green flashing light that tells you if you’re overmodulated at a glance is cool as well,” said Tom.

“It’s great equipment. It works well, and I feel like I could use it for anything.”

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