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ACCESS NX Compatibility

ACCESS NX works with all ACCESS & BRIC-Link IP audio codec models.

Current models –
ACCESS NX Portable
ACCESS MultiRack

Retired models –
ACCESS Portable Classic

ACCESS Portable 2USB
BRIC-Link II (recently retired)

EBU 3326/SIP for third-party compatibility.

ACCESS NX Resource Library

Firmware Updates

ACCESS NX firmware 4.6-p3

ACCESS NX firmware version 4.6-p3 is available for download. This firmware is installed by the user via the Device Manager application.

Download 4.6-p3 Change Log

Download ACCESS NX firmware 4.6-p3



Comrex Connect Modems

Cellular wireless data connections like 3G and 4G LTE have redefined the way remote broadcasts are done. In particular, USB cellular modems make connecting to these networks fast and simple. But the number of USB cellular data devices offered by cell phone providers is dramatically decreasing in favor of cellular Wi-Fi Hotspots. Additionally, many of the off-the-shelf modems offered by carriers are not designed to meet the rigorous demands of the 24/7 news cycle.

Comrex designed the Comrex Connect Modem to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters. A high-powered, industrial strength 4G/LTE modem, the Connect Modem is also 3G compatible. Outfitted with a high-gain antenna, the Connect Modem is more powerful than most USB data modems available on the market, to handle the heavy data load of an IP audio broadcast.

The Connect Modem INITIALLY came in four varieties to support connections to Verizon, AT&T, International (for outside of US), and CJ (for use in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Brazil) networks, and was PTCRB and carrier certified to meet all necessary regulations. It was specific to ACCESS NX Portable.

As of July 2020, the ACCESS Connect Modem comes in three varieties (VZW/ATT, International, and CJ). The NEW Connect Modem for ACCESS can work with ACCESS 2USB, ACCESS NX, ACCESS Rack, ACCESS NX Rack, ACCESS MultiRack, and BRIC-Link II (when used with HotSwap).

VZW/ATT Comrex Connect modems purchased after 7/1/2020 will only work on units with FW 4.5p3 or higher.

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Learn more about Comrex Connect Modems

Extra Small Case

Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof to ensure the best protection for your ACCESS NX.

Exterior Dims:
L 15.4″ x W 12.1″ x H 6.8″

Contact a dealer to purchase.

Small Case

Durable travel case, perfect for carry-on or shipping. Mixer cutout. Multiple foam inserts available.

Exterior Dims:
L 19.5″ x W 16″ x H 8.25″

Contact a dealer to purchase.


Power Supply for ACCESS NX (4-pin connector)


4-pin connector power supply for ACCESS NX – IEC power cord sold separately



Wi-Fi adapter – Domestic – for NX Portable or LiveShot Portable ONLY


This item is not compatible with ACCESS Portable Classic or ACCESS 2USB.

Contact Closure Cable


DB9M to mini-DIN 9M.

Serial Cable


DB9F to mini-DIN 8M.

Power Cord (IEC Socket)


NX 12V DC Adapter


12V DC Adapter for ACCESS NX Portable

NX Spare Battery


Battery for ACCESS NX Portable

NX Stand-alone Rapid Charger


Rapid Charger for ACCESS NX Portable

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