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Press Kit
May 15

Opal FAQ (en Español)

Que necesitas saber de antemano sobre como configurar el Opal de Comrex.

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May 04

Robocalls Keep Coming

You’re not imagining it. Robocalls have been steadily increasing. We cut some new firmware to address this issue for Comrex gear.

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Apr 04

Fleet Commander Makes You Captain of Your Codecs

Say goodbye to browser tab overload with Fleet Commander, a Windows-based application for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs.

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Mar 14

What’s EarShot IFB?

We built EarShot IFB to bring the power of Voice-over-IP to IFB technology. Learn about our solution that can handle up to 30 callers at once!

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Oct 04

In a Crisis, Radio Saves Lives

After the hurricanes that battered the southern US in September 2017, the senate passed the Sandy Act – establishing radio as a first responder.

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Jul 12

Codec Answer Guy Presents: Opal FAQ

Welcome to Codec Answer Guy Presents! In this edition, we’re addressing common questions about Comrex Opal, an IP audio gateway for guest interviews.

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Apr 13

Core Values: What Makes Our Company Unique

Comrex is a value-based company – everything we do is in support of our mission: to build reliable tools that broadcasters can trust to work.

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Apr 10

Keeping Guest Interviews Simple

Is there an alternative to phone calls on the air? Yes! Learn about Opal for easy guest interviews that sound great.

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Apr 06

Using LiveShot with Facebook Live

Television stations still need to produce high-quality video, regardless of the distribution channel. See how LiveShot can get the job done.

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Mar 16

Meet Opal, the Opus Portal by Comrex

This year at NAB, we’re introducing something completely new, both for us, and for the industry. It’s called Opal.

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