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Jan 26

The Boy Hometown Fan Movie premiere with Comrex and Phase 3 Digital Team using LiveShot Technology

Congratulations to Phase 3 Digital for their outstanding LIVE, 15-market, Hometown Fan Movie premiere of The Boy. Phase 3 used 28 Comrex LiveShot Studio Rack units to connect movie theaters in 14 U.S. cities with the main premiere event in Los Angeles. Each market event was hosted by a social media personality and each venue […]

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Feb 19

Video Journalist Today – “Comrex Unveils New Way To Connect Via Modem”

“For journalists working live from the field, connecting to 4G/LTE networks in order to get the story back to the station (or live on air) is a must. These networks are easy to find, easy to connect to, and are often the best tool for pulling off a broadcast in a remote location. They have […]

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Feb 17

Comrex Releases CrossLock for ACCESS and BRIC‐ Link II

DEVENS, MA, Feb. 17th, 2016 – Comrex, a long‐ time innovator in IP broadcasting technology, has announced that will be releasing CrossLock for ACCESS (soon to be available for BRIC‐Link II). This brand new upgrade will enable users to utilize multiple networks at once for improved broadcast reliability. CrossLock, a new feature included with ACCESS […]

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Sep 02

ACCESS/BRIC-Link 4.0 beta testing

If you’re a “cutting edge” type of audio IP codec user, you can now give our 4.0 firmware a spin. It includes theCrossLock VPN reliability layer, which enables the use of multiple networks on a single codec. It also includes support for the U620L modem from Verizon. 4.0 works on all ACCESS Racks, BRIC-Links, and […]

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Sep 05

Introducing Fleet Commander

Do you have a “farm” of Comrex audio IP codecs? Do you want a slick, unified interface where you can control all of them? Fleet Commander is that. It’s a new Windows application that offers full configuration and control of up to (tbd)* codecs simultaneously. Fleet Commander also has some unique functions, like the ability […]

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Sep 10

Comrex Connect LTE Modems

USB modems are by far the simplest way to do audio and video remotes over LTE. But they are becoming less available, and their form factor generally isn’t “pro-grade”. So we’re introducing our solution, the Comrex Connect Modem. There are actually three versions, thanks to all the intricacies (both technical and political) of interworking with […]

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Sep 16

4G LTE in the United States

Spectrum allocation for 4G wireless services in the US is a mess. Here’s a short list of the four major wireless providers and the spectrum on which they serve LTE: Verizon: Their main network is in the 700MHz band (band 13) but for a couple of years they’ve been offering LTE in some areas on […]

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Sep 24

Venting on the XLR

I love XLRs. I hate XLRs. They are universal, robust, and easy to repair. They have obvious gender to indicate direction. They are the only respectable way to provide a pro-grade, balanced audio I/O. They also carry digital audio. They are also huge. In an age where portable gear is shrinking, it’s crazy to dedicate […]

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Jul 08

ACCESS 4.0: Coming Soon!

ACCESS 4.0 is coming this summer for ACCESS and BRIC-Link. 4.0 is all about reliability. It adds CrossLock mode, which allows for a range of new reliability functions, while continuing to support the legacy modes of the thousands of Comrex codecs in the field are using already. CrossLock allows users to utilize multiple networks, like […]

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Apr 03

Comrex Introduces STAC VIP 2.0

Upgraded STAC VIP firmware includes new utilities, split studio DEVENS, MA, Apr. 3, 2015 – STAC VIP 2.0, a brand new version of Comrex’s VoIP based call management system, will be introduced at NAB. STAC VIP 2.0 contains several notable new features, including split studio and other new utilities. An ideal solution for users looking […]

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