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Oct 04

We’ll Be There For You: A Tech Support Promise

Comrex provides free technical support for its products. Talk to a real, knowledgeable person who is eager to get you back on the air.

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Sep 29

Codec Answer Guy Presents: Voice-over-IP

Welcome to Codec Answer Guy Presents! In this edition, we’re addressing questions about Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

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Sep 13

Cross Country Radio with STAC VIP and GAE

Global American Enterprises handles religious radio operations for their clients to produce their own programming with STAC VIP.

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Aug 25

Comrex VH2 Is Now Shipping

Read the full press release from Comrex regarding the shipment of VH2 two-line VoIP hybrid, dated 8-22-2016.

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Aug 23

Tom’s Tech Blog: When the Backup Becomes the Primary

Tom Hartnett, the technical director of Comrex, reflects on the state of IP and how far it’s come to now be used for primary audio feeds.

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Aug 22

LiveShot Case Study: Time Warner Cable Sportsnet

Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) in Los Angeles uses LiveShot to broadcast professional sports to its regional audience.

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Jul 21

LiveShot Case Study: Phase 3 Studios

When Phase 3 Studios was contracted to coordinate a 15-location live broadcast of the hometown fan premiere for ‘The Boy’, they chose LiveShot.

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Jul 11

An Overview of VoIP Technology, How It Works, and How to Use It

ISDN and POTS lines are becoming relics of the past. What’s taking their place? Voice Over IP (VoIP) – download this primer to learn more!

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Jun 13

Presenter Broadcasts Live with ACCESS while Running the City Run of Ghent

Jonathan Vanooteghem, a presenter for Urgent.FM, accomplished an unprecedented feat – he completed a live broadcast while running the City Run of Ghent.

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Jun 13

STAC VIP Helps Retirement HQ

Retirement HQ helps their financial advisor clients produce radio shows by collecting their audio with the STAC VIP call management system.

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