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Sep 16

4G LTE in the United States

Spectrum allocation for 4G wireless services in the US is a mess. Here’s a short list of the four major wireless providers and the spectrum on which they serve LTE: Verizon: Their main network is in the 700MHz band (band 13) but for a couple of years they’ve been offering LTE in some areas on […]

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Sep 24

Venting on the XLR

I love XLRs. I hate XLRs. They are universal, robust, and easy to repair. They have obvious gender to indicate direction. They are the only respectable way to provide a pro-grade, balanced audio I/O. They also carry digital audio. They are also huge. In an age where portable gear is shrinking, it’s crazy to dedicate […]

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Jul 08

ACCESS 4.0: Coming Soon!

ACCESS 4.0 is coming this summer for ACCESS and BRIC-Link. 4.0 is all about reliability. It adds CrossLock mode, which allows for a range of new reliability functions, while continuing to support the legacy modes of the thousands of Comrex codecs in the field are using already. CrossLock allows users to utilize multiple networks, like […]

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Apr 03

Comrex Introduces STAC VIP 2.0

Upgraded STAC VIP firmware includes new utilities, split studio DEVENS, MA, Apr. 3, 2015 – STAC VIP 2.0, a brand new version of Comrex’s VoIP based call management system, will be introduced at NAB. STAC VIP 2.0 contains several notable new features, including split studio and other new utilities. An ideal solution for users looking […]

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Feb 17

Comrex Begins Shipping BRIC-Link II

New version of entry-level codec offers updated hardware, added convenience DEVENS, MA, Feb. 17, 2015 — Comrex Corporation, a long-time innovator in IP broadcasting technology, has announced that it has begun shipping BRIC-Link II, a revision of its popular BRIC-Link IP codec. BRIC-Link II features important hardware updates, including upgraded internal hardware, added XLR connectors […]

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Apr 03

Comrex Introduces LiveShot Firmware 1.4

New firmware introduces peer-to-peer connecting, makes connection simple for LiveShot fleets DEVENS, MA, Apr. 3, 2015 – Comrex Corporation has announced a new firmware version for its flagship IP video codec, LiveShot. This new version (1.4) introduces peerto-peer connecting via Switchboard for LiveShot units. LiveShot users can now mix and match hardware easily. SwitchBoard server, […]

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Apr 03

Comrex Debuts ACCESS and BRIC-Link Firmware 4.0

New firmware enables simultaneous network use DEVENS, MA, Apr. 3, 2015 – Comrex, a long-time innovator in IP broadcasting technology, has announced that will be debuting ACCESS and BRIC-Link firmware 4.0. This brand new upgrade will enable ACCESS and BRIC-Link users to utilize multiple networks at once for improved broadcast reliability. ACCESS firmware 4.0 includes […]

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Nov 28

CBC in the Phillipines

In light of the horrible tragedy in the Philippines, many broadcasters from around the globe converged on the island nation to report on rescue and recovery efforts. This story from the CBC first appeared on Twitter and a very nice how-to was subsequently posted on a CBC blog. Click here for the full story!

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Apr 08

Comrex’s future takes shape with IP

By Susan Ashworth TV Technology – April 8, 2015 LAS VEGAS—Building on its experience in remote broadcasting technology, Comrex will come to the 2015 NAB Show with IP on its mind, showcasing technology that the company sees as the future of live video broadcasting. Comrex will introduce the newest version of LiveShot, a system that […]

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Mar 13

NAB Sneak Peek: Comrex Has New BRICs and STACs

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