The end of an era is upon us.

As of January 1st, 2021 – Adobe has stopped supporting Flash Player.

So what does this mean for Comrex users?

Many of our products were originally designed to run on a browser-based user interface that required Flash to be enabled for reasons that made sense at the time. But we’ve been anticipating the demise of Flash for the last few years and have been preparing for this transition.

We now have a variety of user interface options for you to choose from! 

For ACCESS and BRIC-Link users

For users with firmware v4.5p2 and higher, the default user interface is now HTML5-based. Firmware updates are available for free. If you’d like to upgrade your firmware, visit your product’s support page to download the latest version, or use Device Manager.

Alternatively, we have a Windows-based app called Codec Commander. It has all of the capabilities of the built-in, browser-based control page of Comrex codecs – manage your connections, check statistics, view audio metering, adjust audio profiles or change system settings. Codec Commander is available for free – you can download it here

For users with multiple ACCESS or BRIC-Link units, Fleet Commander is a Windows-based application for controlling your codec fleet. Fleet Commander is available for a list price of $400.00 and can be purchased through any of our audio dealers


>> ACCESS Portable Classic // ACCESS Portable 2USB // ACCESS NX Portable

>> ACCESS Rackmount // ACCESS NX Rack // ACCESS MultiRack

>> BRIC-Link Classic // BRIC-Link II

For LiveShot and STAC users

We’ve released a new desktop application for both Mac and Windows. Customers can access this free download on the support page of these products. 

LiveShot users can also use the LiveShot Control smartphone app.

Mac OS X Catalina users should read our technical note which can be found HERE.


>> LiveShot Portable // LiveShot Rackmount

>> STAC Classic // STAC VIP


Have questions? Contact our support team!

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